Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where's Will Kraus (48th)

Remember that old kid's book - "Where's Waldo." It's South of Brookside!! The new question is Where's Will Kraus (R), the state representative from Lee's Summit?

Rep. Kraus is a non-player in Jefferson City. He doesn't take leadership roles. He's not out in the community. He didn't sponsor a single bill on his own, rather he put his name on bills that others had filed. For example, the very first bill listed on his house website was to restrict claims made by people who were not wearing their seat belts.
Let's get this straight - you are riding along as a rear seat passenger in a car. State law does not require you to wear a seat belt in the back seat. You don't believe the government should be interfering in your decision to wear a seat belt, anyway (Republicans stand for less government interference in your life, right?). Some drunk hits the car you are riding in and you are injured. You make a claim against the drunk's insurance company. The insurance company hires an expert to say your injuries were caused by the lack of a seat belt. Your lost wages and health care bills get reduced because you didn't wear a seat belt, even though the accident was 100% the fault of the drunk. I can see why this would be the very first bill Rep. Kraus would sponsor in 2007.
Is this some big issue in Lee's Summit or just for the insurance lobby? I thought Lee's Summit was facing problems with urban sprawl, providing high quality education to kids, helping the working poor get health care for their kids. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Will Kraus is evil. As a fellow veteran, I am proud that Will serves in our military. I am confident that Rep. Kraus loves his wife and kids.
I simply think that Lee's Summit deserves more active representation in Jefferson City. Eastern Jackson County deserves better that Kraus being on the Special Committee on Utilities and sponsoring bills that helps big utility companies.


Proud Independent said...

Interesting. So I assume there isn't one Democrat in the entire state of Missouri that hasn't sponsored a piece of legislation? Not one?

Surely this post isn't partisan hackery.

How about tracking legislation that was actually signed into law? Or do we just keep score by how many bills someone introduces?

Stephen Bough said...

Proud Independent,

Democrats are the minority, which means that even if every D stuck together, they could never pass a bill. Republicans are in the majority - they can pass any bill they want.

I think we should keep score of legislators who identify problems, sponsor bills and then see them through to being signed. Sponsoring (i.e. leading) is not enough. Pushing them through - especially for the majority - is important.

Don't you think a state legislature ought to be down there proposing legislation? If nothing else, they can delete stupid, old outdated stuff.

Anonymous said...

I doubt we see a "strong leadership" campaign slogan coming out of Krause in 2008. How about "going along with the crowd." What about "Just another lemming"?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! You guys never fail!

So let me get this rip Kraus becuase he dosn't sponsor anything. But last month you ripped him for sponsoring some bills (which area dems voted for, no less) on utilities.

Then, minutes after this post, you praise a bill on immigration reform in post about Nolte. That bill is sponsered by.....drumroll please...Kraus!

Brilliant! Keep it up! Your strategy works perfectly!

Stephen Bough said...

Anon - I can be proven wrong (some may argue easily). My review of Kraus' official web site did not reveal a single bill which he sponsored that became law. Throwing your name on somone else's bill is not real leadership. It is following.

Why can't Kraus get a bill passed when his party has the majority?

Anonymous said...

Well, another review may be in order.

I see at least two bills passed this year (in addition to at least four in previous sessions). One that was passed, signed and shows as being sent on to the SOS. Another which was passed as a part of the larger retirement (social security, teacher and military pensions) tax reductions.

Now, proven wrong, you will likely change your argument rather than admit Kraus is actually having an impact for his district. You could not admit that, even though true, because partisanship is more important to you than truth.

BTW, I have no quarrel if you disagree with Kraus on issues. But don't attack him for not working. (Or, go ahead, see how well it works for you.)

Stephen Bough said...

What are the numbers so we can all go and compare? I will admit that I am wrong if it is a bill actually pushed by Kraus, not just his party. Tell us the HB numbers where Kraus pushed the bill and Blunt signed it.