Thursday, August 9, 2007

Grisamore (47th) Ignores the Environment

Lot's of Eastern Jackson County and Lee's Summit are represented in Jefferson City by Rep. Jeff Grisamore (47th). Rep. Grisamore (R) just completed his first year of a two year term in the Missouri House. Grisamore serves on the Special Committee on Energy and the Environment. Taking care of the world around us is important - so Grisamore's record on the environment is important to examine.

Recall that Gov. Blunt handed out tax cuts to business interests and saved money for the rainy day fund. Missouri is experiencing good financial times. When Holden took credit for the ups and downs in the economy, I said HUMP. When Blunt takes credit for the ups in the economy but not the downs, I say HUMP HUMP.

In Missouri, during good financial times, when tax cuts are being handed out to corporations, surely we can give an individual an income tax deduction for the purchase of hybrid motor vehicles? Nope, HB 53 never got out of the Missouri House. Okay - how about all entities which ship radioactive waste through or within the state to be assessed a fee since Missourians have to pay for additional security? Nope, HB 71 never got out of the Missouri House. How about a tax credit to help Missouri farmers by getting ethanol facilities and vehicles going? Nope, HB 357 never got out of the Missouri House. Clean American Fuel Board - nope, HB 479 never got out of the Missouri House. If your power is out should you get a credit on your next electrical bill? Nope, not according to Grisamore since HB 637 died in his committee.

So, what about all the other environmental bills that came through Grisamore's committee, all the ones that were signed into law? Only ONE house bill which came through Grismaore's committee was signed into law and that dealt with rate cuts for common carriers from the Highways and Transportation Commission (HB 28). Doesn't sound like an environmental bill to me. HB 28 had a single sponsor - Rep. Jane Cunningham. Grisamore and Cunningham have a stinky relationship in that Cunningham (who is sitting on over $120,000 in cash) gives money to and then takes money away from Grisamore (who is sitting on a whopping $1,500 in his campaign account).

Grisamore's environmental committee passed ZERO, ZILCH, NADDA, NO environmental laws. The only law that was passed was to help out Grisamore's friend and contributor. We all need a better protector of the environment than Rep. Grisamore.


Proud Independent said...

You're right! We do need a better protector of the environment. That person should be a Democrat! Maybe Governor Sebelius? She would be awesome. Because she's a Democrat she would never do anything like sell her state to the highest coal burning bidder. Oh, wait. Never mind.

Stephen Bough said...

Nope, we need someone like Rev. Tom Haley. Sebelius is in a different state. We already have Blunt is just giving tax credits to contributors.

Anonymous said...

What the heck are the Republicans doing in Jeff City. Why not just give up this special committee? Lee's Summit should be ashamed.

Proud Independent said...

Governor Sebelius is in a different state? Really. Thanks for the news.

I sure miss the days when Holden didn't show preferences to his contributors. Partisan hacks one and all.

Honestly, if Grisamore had a (D) after his name this post wouldn't even exist.

What we "need" are representatives and leaders, not loyal party robots.

Anonymous said...

PI - you call for real leadership. Do you see any real leadership out of Grisamore on this or any other issue? If he is not leading, shouldn't we call him out for being ineffective?

Anonymous said...

Koster passed SB54 a renewable portfolio targets bill for utilites and let Holsman's amendment allowing solar panels stay on the bill.

Republicans are not interested in the environment but you have some D's doing good work.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to run against Grisamore???

Anonymous said...

Rumors are Rev. Tom Haley for a rematch or Bob Johnson; a pro-union, pro-choice Republican that may pull a Koster

Rep. Jason Holsman said...

I very rarely post on a blog, but after reading this I wanted to point out that Jeff was one of six Republicans out of 92 who signed onto my Easy Connection Act (alt energy bill).

I serve with Jeff on the energy and environment committee and while I would by no means consider Jeff progressive, I also don't consider him to be a road block either.

It takes some courage to co-sponsor a minority members bill when most of your caucus is against it. I thought it only fair to point that out.

Now, having said that, I fully support whom ever the Democrat running against Jeff will be, because until we get the majority, very little of our progressive ideas will get serious consideration.

We must take back the House. Then we can get serious about carbon reduction and energy security from renewable sources.

Anonymous said...

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