Sunday, August 5, 2007

KC Star: Jeff Roe Gets the Boot

Some may say I have a "man-crush" on Jeff Roe since several posts on the CCP Blog have focused on his nasty tactics, but I really just believe in a healthy discussion about good government. As reported on by the Missouri Politcial News Service, Dan Margolies over at the KC Star made this report about Jeff Roe getting kicked out of Lathrop & Gage:

Lathrop to Roe: 'See ya'

Republican political operative Jeff Roe will soon be looking for new digs.
The law firm that houses his consulting firm, Axiom Strategies, is terminating his sublease.
Lathrop & Gage said it was doing so because it determined that it no longer needed Roe's second-floor space. The move, coincidental or not, comes as politicos allied with Roe, including Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt, heat up their attack on "activist judges." That may not sit well with Lathrop, which boasts several former bar presidents and other legal eminences among its members. Earlier this year, Roe told lawyers at a Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association conference that "... there will be negative campaigns against judges in 2008. That is reality." Lathrop simply said it no longer needed the space it leased to Roe and that it had given its landlord, and Roe, notice of its intent to terminate the lease.

Roe said that his lease runs until March or April and that he'd been dealing directly with the building's owner, an out-of-town outfit. He said he'd only signed a two-year lease, not knowing how successful his firm would be. Roe said he hoped to remain in the space by negotiating directly with the landlord but planned to remain there in any event until the sublease expired. The space houses nine employees, according to Roe, who has his own 20-by-25-foot glassed-in corner office. He said he had two other offices in the metro area but declined to disclose their locations.

Among Roe's notable clients: Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt and U.S. Rep. Sam Graves. Blunt's sister, Amy Blunt, works in Lathrop's government relations department. Like other large and influential law firms, Lathrop boasts both heavyweight Democrats and Republicans on its roster, including Jack Craft (Republican) and Harold Fridkin (Democrat) in its Kansas City office.

Submitted by Dan Margolies on August 2, 2007 - 4:26pm.


sophia said...

I preferred the second half of the "man crush" sentence, where Roe is referred to as "Kansas City’s most prominent political figure." I also enjoyed wondering how long the Source poster spent finding the perfect picture of two men kissing. High comedy, all around.

I don't buy that the sublease situation is anything more than posturing. It sounds like Lathrop chose not to renew the lease, which isn't severe like kicking Roe to the curb with his belongings on short notice. If Lathrop is half as sophisticated as one would expect a firm with a "government relations" department to be, they knew what they were getting when they associated with Roe.

Anonymous said...

There has been trouble at Lathrop, they fired the managing partner and the purge of his mistakes (i.e. Roe) continues!!

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