Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Say it ain't so, Claire!

When we heard that the Democratic-controled Congress had caved to Bush on the warrantless surveillance, my son asked me "Did Claire vote to let them do that?" I assured him that she would not.

But she did. Ouch!

And in the first year of a six year term -- so there isn't even an election year excuse. (Not that an election is supposed to be a good excuse to trash the Constitution.)

No wonder the people are angry at the Democrats -- and at a Congress that is increasingly seen as "invertebrate". We may have an excuse with the filibuster rule for the Repubs to block good legislation -- but the MAJORITY Party has no excuse to allow bad legislation. We talk a good game, then W whispers "9/11" and we fold like cheap umbrellas.

Not everyone. Rev & Dennis Moore & even Nancy Boyda (far more vulnerable)
stood fast.

I fear that some of our Party have convinced themselves that 2008 is in the bag, and all we need do is nuance our way to victory with a few billion here & there and a bit of posturing on committees. WRONG! We need to give people a reason to get out & vote for us, not stay home or go Naderish. Do you think it may send a bit of a mixed message to attack Alberto Gonzales as untrustworthy and corrupt one day -- and authorize him to tap our phones the next day?

At the very least, our Party leaders need to show some of the courage we demand of the kids we send to Iraq. We send them out in 110 degree heat in body armor, dodging bullets & bombs. You would think the Congress could take a litle political heat to defend the Constitution those kids are risking all for.


Anonymous said...

can't be disappointed
by the same old, same old
just tired
she has a fine thin line to walk
but i wish she would have fought
for the

isn't that why we sent her there?

Dan said...

She also sold out progressive values back in May when she voted to support the Bush quagmire in Iraq, without meaningful control. Claire McCaskill defeated Jim Talent, and then decided to become his twin. I had so much hope when she won her election, and it has been dashed by her conversion into a Jim Talent Republican.

the nitwit said...

Claire never ran as a progressive and I don't think anyone ever accused her of being one. The lady is a moderate Democrat. So no idea where exactly she "sold out" anything.

Also, unlike Talent she voted to raise the minimum wage, she's holding the Pentagon accountable for wasteful spending, and on and on. Just because you disagree with her on some votes, hardly makes her a Talent "twin," much less a Republican.

You'd think that the same Democrats who threw out the red carpet to welcome Chris Koster would be a little more reluctant to toss out such predictably simplistic labels for our junior senator.

Dan said...

Good points, Nitwit, and thanks for the dose of perspective. Continuing the Quagmire in Iraq and spying are two big ones, though. And Claire campaigned on "change the course" and pointed out that the presence of our troops may actually be slowing democratic growth.

You are correct that she's not Jim Talent's twin, and I overstated my point. She's only his twin on big, important issues.

Phil Cardarella said...

"Sold out" is the wrong term. "Caved" is the correct one. Claire is not Talent's twin, but that's setting the bar way too low. We have a right to expect better things of her.

My point is not just (?) the need to defend the Constitution. It is a practical one. We need to give voters a reason to turn out FOR us, not just "not vote" for them.

Leahy & Conyers have spent a lot of effort to show what an unethical, politically-motivated disgrace Alberto Gonzales is. Then Claire (& 15 other Dems)gave Gonzales a vote of confidence by authorizing him to spy on us free from any actual restraints.

Harold Fridkin once said that good government is good politics. This is neither.

The Voice in Amy's Head said...

Claire is for Claire.

When has Claire done anything for anyone else of the party? That's why she gutted Bob Holden and gave us Matt Blunt as a direct result. And some of the wanna-be Republican Ward Parkway members of the CCP helped that operation along.

Claire is not a REAL Democrat. We need to bring along young Dems like Jason and Diana Kander to replace Old Grey Mares like Claire McCaskill and Kathryn Shields.

Conservatism and Corruption will kill this party if we do not infuse new blood soon.

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