Friday, August 3, 2007

GUEST EDITORIAL - Open Letter To Chris Koster from Jason Kander

Dear Senator Koster,

I congratulate you on your excellent decision to become a member of the Missouri Democratic Party. You'll find it liberating, I think, to fight unapologetically for those who need your advocacy most, working families. That said, I urge you not to seek our party's nomination for Attorney General. My hope is that you will instead run for re-election in the 31st District.

I am the last person to talk about the importance of "paying dues," but I do prefer that you contribute to our side of the aisle for a time. I appreciate very much your positions on life sciences, collective bargaining, and the judiciary, and I hope that you'll also find your way to our positions on other important issues, such as reproductive choice, medicaid, and equal rights regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

But before you don the banner of my fine party in pursuit of one of this state's most important offices, I would prefer that you brave a few of the experiences that we in the Missouri Democratic Party have come to know. For instance, while going door to door in the 31st Senate district, how will you answer voters that call you a "baby killer" for your support of women's rights? What will you say to your Republican opponent who calls you a "tax and spend liberal" for your desire to provide healthcare to the working poor? And on civil rights, will you speak up for your fellow Democrats as they champion equality for those in the LGBT community, or will you attempt to fly below the "value debate" radar?

My aim is to give you the benefit of the doubt. I choose to believe you when you say that this is a deeply personal decision and not a case of political opportunism. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that though you regret your actions, such as the punishment of my State Senator and her constituents for her principled stand on MOHELA, you are unable to undo them. And therefore I welcome you to our party with open arms, but I ask that you fight from within our ranks for a time before asking us to fall in behind you.


sophia said...

If Koster's most important issues are "life sciences, collective bargaining, and the judiciary," as a practical matter, wouldn't he be able to accomplish more in the Senate than in the AG's office? If those issues are truly important to him, and if he's sincere in his belief that the Democratic Party is the only way to go to get the policies he wants, then he should be working to retain his seat and helping the Dems gain control of the legislature.

I didn't have a very strong response either way to Koster's initial announcement. But the more I think about it, the more I think his immediate aspirations for the AG's office need to be shut down. This isn't Kansas -- we don't need to poach republicans to have good AG candidates. Let Koster go back to the Senate and use his "good soldier" skills for the side of the light.

Felix D Cat said...

Great post Kander, and I think what concerns me the most is that this smacks of pure political opportunism, not a change of heart. If he was so philosopically torn, why not swithc last year when the Dems were trying to restore medicaid to the countless thousands that are now without health care? Koster's vote record tells a different tale then the one we're hearing today. As Sophia said, unlike in Kansas, we don't need him to field strong candidates. Lets dance with the ones that stuck with us and were proud to stand with us us, even when times were tough.

The Voice in Amy's Head said...

There is my guy! I just love when candidates pull off coups like this! This is why Jason wins the 44th in a landslide.

Let's separate the chaff from the wheat in this party and let REAL Democrats like Jason and Jeff Harris take the lead.

If it takes a head-knocking primary let's get it over with NOW. I will follow bare-knuckles,"unapologetic" Democrats like Jason Kander.

I don't care what half-way, Ward Parkway, Democrats think, real Democrats love tough talk like Jason has given us for years starting with the Heartland Dems.

Go ahead and follow the banner of RICO Ridden Teamsters and Victor (looks and sounds like Nixon) Callahan you sort-of Democrats who flamed me last time.

Congrats Jason for having the guts to stand up for this party while you opponent sits there playing it safe with conservative so-called Dems. Amy plays it safe while Jason leads. What else do we need to know?

Real Democrats will win again just like Jolie Justus did last year when she faced a couple of Fake Democrats. Jolie and Jason and joyous VICTORY will vanquish Koster, Coffman and Capitulation.

Now bring on the flames you closeted Republicans.

Dan Ryan said...


I'm a fellow Jason supporter, but I really don't appreciate your eagerness to turn this primary "bareknuckle", and I don't think that Amy Coffman is chaff.

You refer to being "flamed" last time, but that certainly did not happen on this forum, and I hope it doesn't now. I'm sure it was exciting to be the center of attention for a few moments, but, please, for Jason's sake and for the sake of Democrats more generally, don't try to drag this blog into the silliness that was the Buzz Blog. We can do better, and we have higher aims.

Mr. Anon said...

Dan, you are dead on. The one thing that is already concerning me about the race in the the 44th is the calls for "war" coming from the Kander camp. It is that style of politics (practiced so often by Shields, Cardarella, Gray, Glorioso, et al)that has hamstrung our local democratic party for years. We need to be careful when considering the people we support, and what type of party, therefore, we will be creating with them. I hope the Kander camp learns some diplomacy, and starts to leave the vitriole behind. I, for on, have seen too much of it already and it is only August of 07.

sophia said...

voice in amy's head,

(a) What a strange pseudonym. Shouldn't you be whispering in her ear, or standing on her shoulder?

(b) If you want to convince people to vote for Kander, I'd recommend staying away from the excited chest thumping, unnecessary disparaging of opponents, and accusing all critics of being closet republicans.

(c) "RICO Ridden Teamsters"? Were you paid for this copy?

Stay in the Senate said...

I agree with welcome and applaud the effort to switch parties. However, I do hope that Sen. Koster stays Sen. Koster.

What I wish would be asked in any letter to our new addition is simply this....

Why do you stand here today and say you fight and have fought for all these issues when your record says exactly the opposite? Why, if indeed these are issues of deep personal importance, did you not have the fortitude to stand up and fight for them? After all, when it came time to cast a vote concerning stripping our citizens of their Health Care you voted lock-step with the same people you now vilify. Then in a chance to redeem yourself, just mere months ago, you could have voted and fought to restore those folks on the rolls. Again, you decided to stand back and vote lock-step with Matt Blunt and the Senate Republicans. Why? You then went out and defended the act of making the 2005 cuts permanent. Why? All this while you have stated that you were strongly looking at leaving the party? Why not use that chance to truly become a leader on the issue from inside the party you were trying to change? You could use that chance to get out in front and do the right thing. However, you didn’t do that.

You again stayed in the party line and voted to destroy our citizens their access to health care. You stood in line and voted to allow our children to be taught sex education using unscientifically valid or scientifically inaccurate information. You stood in line and voted for the Blunt plan to sell MOHELA even after they took out everything that may help our Bioscience or Stem Cell research community. You stood in line and turned your back on our beloved Jolie Justus who was trying to help single mothers with child care subsidies. A bill you were in front of and co-sponsored before your party told you to back off, which you did and dismissed her off hand in front of your friends on the floor. Why? You hired Jeff Roe after you knew he was attacking the Judiciary being independent and had run nasty campaigns against judges. Why?

You now tell us all that this is really not what you meant to do. You tell us you actually fought for all of these things you voted the opposite on. You ask us to trust you and that this is not merely a switch because you could not win your Republican AG Primary. Please stay in the Senate where these that hurt our people are going to come up again and help us fight the villainous efforts going on there.

Someone actually in the "Kander Camp"... said...

Dear "Voice":
Please stop. You are not helping. This post is not about Jason, it's abot Koster.

But more emportantly, the primary for the 44th will be about two good candidates touting their good points, not attacking eachother.

If u want to help, go to Jason's website and email him. I'm sure he will find a POSITIVE use of your energy as the campaign gets going later this year.

In the meantime, youre making Jason and the rest of us in the "kander camp" (as Mr. Anon called it) appear to be very negative when were not.

Please stop.

Mr. Anon said...

Thanks "Camp."

PorchPundit said...

I have not made my mind up on the whole AG race, but with regard to Koster I mulling over another option that might sate the "Pay Your Dues" mob, and still allow Koster to move up the food chain, politically speaking.

I know this a strange concept for those of us in KC but what if your baseball team gets a rising star from a bitter rival team? Should our team punish the player for a while or should team find the player a place in line up that helps the squad?

What if Koster ran for Lt. Gov.? Why not speculate on such things since this is a blog so we can feel like we have the power to bend individuals lives to suit our whims.

He could easily push Sam "Mr. Excitement" Page aside in the primary and then take on Kinder in a battle royale cage match in the general election. (I threw that violent reference in to make Mr. Kander's friend "The Voice" feel at home. Has anyone seen Chris Werner lately?)

In a hypothetical Koster/Kinder contest each side knows the other's strengths and weaknesses and there is a grudge to be settled. I see press coverage that drives turnout. We are talking the need for two Costco runs just to get ready for the Debate Watch Party!

I would rather see Koster spend his large and expandable war chest IDing and motivating Democratic and swing voters on a statewide basis rather than keeping him locked up in a Senate district being spit on by angry Republican stalwarts. Sentencing Koster to a Cass and Johnson County pergatory does not help the Democratic Party as a whole.

Koster is a formidable candidate, a smart man and he has a whole lot of campaign cash with access to more, one would have to be pretty blind to the Democratic Party's needs to ignore those assets. In addition, I want to force the Republicans to spend punishment money against Koster across the state, not just in two counties.

It is time to think creatively and build a Democratic ticket deserving of a landslide.

mainstream said...

I like your creativity, Porch Pundit.

sophia said...


"I know this a strange concept for those of us in KC but what if your baseball team gets a rising star from a bitter rival team? Should our team punish the player for a while or should team find the player a place in line up that helps the squad?"

To toy with your analogy a bit, if Peyton Manning showed up at Kauffman and expressed interest in joining the team, I'd make sure we were all playing the same sport before giving him a spot.

the nitwit said...

"If your baseball team gets a rising star from a bitter rival team? Should our team punish the player for a while or should team find the player a place in line up that helps the squad?"

If that new player had spent the last four years hurting children and the elderly, meddling with democracy and associating with vermin (aka Jeff Roe) then some of us probably wouldn't want him representing our home team.

Besides, we've already got an MVP in Jeff Harris who is ready to lead us to the pennant. We don't need to make a trade for a so-called all-star from some other team's roster. Koster needs to earn his place on the team in spring training just like everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Sam Page has the LtGov primary locked up. Talk about wasting D resources to take him on...

Kinder is worried. Page has been everywhere. If he has the stamina to keep up this level of campaigning, he wins.

If Koster is capable of telling 15 years of relationships within the Repubican party to take a flying hike, you think he gives a hoot what Kander thinks? The audacity is comical.

Good one. I'm quite certain a former prosecutor, state senator and statewide personality needs advice from a 20 something candidate who's grand accomplishment is founding the Heartland Titanic of America.

Koster will do what he wants - he has to this point.

Anonymous said...

My what a warm welcome KC Dems are giving Senator Koster: We are pleased you are a Democrat, as long as you don't run as one.

Most applaud Koster for his votes on the substantive issues (e.g., life sciences, collective bargaining, judiciary). And yet, he is condemned for his procedural votes. This is an unforgivable sin? I fully expect Koster to now vote procedurally with the Democrats, just as he once did with the Republicans. That's the two-party system, folks.

Senator Koster - I, for one, extend to you a warm (and unqualified) welcome to the Democratic Party. This is a big tent party (notwithstanding the confused comments of a few). Your future as a Democrat is bright.

Anonymous said...

Sam Page has things wrapped up as long and no one runs against him.

I still remember how Page paid for the the attack mailings on Mike Sanders so I would like to have another choice for Lt. Gov.

Anonymous said...

The Nitwit (you chose the name so I am not being negative by using it) did you read what Porchpundit said when he used the baseball analogy?

He suggested welcoming Koster with creativity and you kept focusing on the status quo. Porchpundit said find a slot on the roster for Koster, and you simply slapped back defending Jeff Harris in the AGs race. Porchpundit actually pointed to the Lt. Governor race and not the AGs race. I think he actually suggested strengthening a weak part of the line-up. In doing so I really think he was protecting your candidate.

Talk about blind aggression.

I have to ask this: Why is it that every post that has anything to do with young Mr. Kander drips with overactive testosterone? The trend is getting a bit scary and really starting to bother me. Can we chill just a bit 12 months out and have a discussion and not a war?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how we (KC Dems) arent embracing a candidate from our side of the state against a St. Louisian (Donnelly) and a Columbian (Harris). But I agree that Koster should prove his ability as a Democrat before he is rewarded with higher office.

Of the three, Donnelly appears to be the only AG candidate who has concrete values that dont disappear when worried about electability to higher office. But maybe it's just how the fraternity brothers come off.

JCGal said...

Hey, can someone who supports Amy Coffman at CCP at least TRY to use this Blog to support her campaign the way Kander's people ARE USING it?

Between Bough, The Voice and Dan, this blog will have to be claimed on Kander's campaign finance report. Guest Editorial? Give me a break! And why does Jason merit his own "Label" on the welcoming page and Amy doesn't? When you have a series of things like this happen it is not something you can write off as mistakes, this looks like a campaign strategy.

I guess there will be no reason for CCP to have screen in the 44th next year. I agree Mr. Anon, this reeks of Shields, Cardarella, Gray, Glorioso and Werner. The CCP may call itself a "political reform organization" but it looks like old-time "fix" is in already against Amy judging from this Blog.

CCP Admin said...

Candidates are welcome and encouraged to submit material for the blog. The CCP has not endorsed anyone in the primary contest between Kander and Coffman.

The author of the piece on Kander used a label - the author of the piece on Coffman did not.

This blog is entirely neutral, and will remain so until the CCP endorses a candidate.

sophia said...


Has Coffman even announced yet? The only reason I've heard of her is because of this post:

It's the top result if you google "amy coffman missouri." Seems like this blog has done more to raise her profile on the old internet than the candidate has.

Stephen Bough said...

Past CCP president Dale Youngs is serving as Amy's treasurer, so it is unfair to say the fix is on.

The policy of the CCP Blog is that any one of our 150 members (which Jason is) can post - anyone can respond. Amy has been invited to become a general member.

The CCP endorsement process is 1) any member can serve on the screening committee which recommends to the executive committee; 2) the executive committee recommends to the membership; and 3) the membership uses their own intelligence and endorses. The entire membership votes on the endorsement. What I love about this process is the membership is very independant and often overrides the executive committee.

Historically, we have actively campaigned for the person who recieves our endorsement. This year will be no different.

mainstream said...

So, when do you plan on endorsing; and what happens to this blog, regarding races where CCP has endorsed?

In other words, prior to CCP endorsement it's entirely within the realm of reason that this blog will serve as a primary lobbying tool for both sides.

After endorsement, I expect it will become a primary vehicle for the endorsed candidate. Whether that's reality or not, that will be the obvious perception.

This endorsement will come at some point significantly in advance of the primary.

So for the really key, exciting part of the election blog ccp will, first, be defending its endorsement pre-primary, and secondly, after the primary this eventually will become a blog of democrats speaking to themselves.

I'm not trying to be flip, I like this blog and I'm true blue. So in the interest of public participation in good government (and the establishment thereof) what's the plan to ensure this blog remains relevant?

And you know, that's ok. We can be democrats talking to ourselves, if that's what we want. I just don't know what we want.

The key thing, in my mind, is the mid-to-end of the primary, after the CCP has made an endorsement. How does Blog CCP intend to behave in the primary?

Just food for thought.

Anonymous said...

JCGal, I would say you hit a raw nerve.

sophia said...

Anon 6:11,

I would say you are talking to yourself.


You raise some good points. As a reader, I hope the inevitable lobbying will be at a higher level of discourse than slightly longer versions of the pablum that serves as copy in the typical mailing.

The Voice in Amy's Head said...

Listen to the Coffmanites squeal already!

Even when they talk to themselves, like my friend Sophia points out.

Of course the CCP leadership will be with Kander -- because they are smart. A good looking lawyer, with a War record and a hot wife. Who would consider anything less?

Look at the series of pro-Kander posts lined up to support his open letter as compared the Coffman campaign's clumsy anonymous comments.

We are talking pros vs a wanna-be campaign consisting of Jefferson City Drink Buyers. (Yes, it is easy to get license plate numbers when you hold campaign meetings.)

You people cannot take this pressure for the next year. Give us a label! Whah, Whah, Whah.

Amy if you are reading this "anonymously," save your family from some embarrassment and pull out now.

Surrender Amy

sophia said...

"Surrender Amy"

Am I the only one reading who thinks this Voice character is: (a) an intentional joke; or (b) should be treated as an intentional joke regardless of his/her intentions?

mainstream said...

I'll vote for option B. I'd love to rise to the bait, but who knows the intentions of this voice.

This person should be ignored, and it sounds like both sides agree.

The Voice in Amy's Head said...

Have you ever said anything of interest mainstream? Just change your name to Luke Warm and ignore yourself.

Sophia, I know you understand that you do not win these things with pretty pictures and consultants. If you have any doubts, ask "Mayor" Riederer.

The CCP can be sure that Jason Kander, and Diana, knows how to run a rough and tumble Democrat campaign. I will be around to help.

PorchPundit said...

Well, it seems as if someone doubled up on their arrogance pills this morning.

Dan said...

And took them with a full glass of obnoxiousness . . .

Anonymous said...

The last "rough and tumble" campaign run by the Kanders didn't turn out so well. Ask Doug Gamble.

citizen x said...

I was online searching for info on Chris Koster changing over to our party, when I came to this blog. Interesting dialect on the Koster position and good points made on all accounts.

As I continued to read on however, I was extremely disappointed in this ridculous banter going on between the Voice character and poor folks in Kander's camp trying to shut this person up and the Coffman supporters trying to handle it with dignity. This Voice fella sounds like he's following this Amy Coffman around (with the whole license plate comment), and his idea of a good candidate is a "A good looking lawyer, with a War record and a hot wife. Who would consider anything less?" Are you kidding me? This guy is a moron and Jason Kander himself should be repsonding to this immediately.
I don't know what Amy Coffman looks like and I frankly don't care. I applaud her and her people for not getting sucked into this crap.

My parents are in the 44th District and I will be forwarding this to them so that they can see the immature behavior of some of the poeple that Kander calls supporters. They will have to decide for themselves on the issues, but if a vote were taken today on character, Amy Coffman would get their vote! I'm certain of it!

Voice, you might consider posing as the mascot for our Democratic party...appears your the perfect Jackass!

To the rest of you...great dialect and much to think about!

mainstream said...

A word of caution, Citizen X.

"The voice" could be pro-Kander - that's the obvious conclusion.

However, "the voice..." could just as easily be anti-Kander.

Referring to Diane Kander as the "hot wife" and the Kanders "rough and tumble" approach to campaigning may very well be anti Kander - meant to tee-up issues that reflect unfavorably on the Kanders.

Consider that all of the other normal pro-Kander people want "the voice" to go away.

My conclusion? "The voice" is either an anti-Kander person in sheep's clothing, or a seriously deranged Kander supporter.

In either case, we know what they sound like under any name, and we should ignore he/she/it/them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm missing something, but I took the license plate reference as an allusion to the old practice of getting favors (such as low license #'s indicating a big shot) when backing people in the circles of power.

Am I wrong? Citizen X, if both sides are trying to quiet this guy, how does it figure that you make a character determination about either side?

porchpundit said...

To me it the license plate reference always sounded more like a covert surveillance tactic not a patronage offer. It reminds me of the wedding scene at the beginning of the Godfather.

My hope is that it is all a sophomoric attempt to become "players."

Stephen Bough said...


You raised some very good issues.

We start our official endorsement process (usually) after the filing for office closes. You never know who might get into a race.

I wish we could say that our endorsed candidate always wins. There are more than a couple of examples where the CCP (and myself personally) did not pick the winner in a D primary or the general election. Often, our endorsement is hotly contested and the vote is very close (Claire won over Bob by just a few votes).

I envision that while our "official" endorsement for the 44th (or Sheriff or Attorney General or...) will be close, many of the supporters of the non-endorsed candidate will continue to work. I hope that non-endorsed candidates will continue to use the CCP blog to have educated, respectful debates about the issues. I trust our executive committee to push the organization around the endorsed candidates.

One way American is great is because we do not engage in a coup if our candidate does not win. I was deeply impressed when the CCP was divided over the Claire/Holden endorsement, yet the CCP used its official position to back only Claire after the membership endorsed her. The president at the time supported Bob (I believe), yet ran the CCP to support Claire.

The CCP is not the government or Big Brother, just a political club. Our 150 members want to see good government advocates elected - we just happen to believe those folks are usually D's. Our 150 members have diverse opinions on candidates and they will strongly support whomever they want.

So, we will have a big vote in the spring of 2008 and endorse some candidates. We will then, as an organization, work to support our endorsed candidate. We will spend money, mail out proposed ballots to registered voters, address issues and recruit volunteers. I trust that this blog will continue to reflect the diverse views of our members and the rest of KC.

Now, what do we do about this Koster fellow?

mainstream said...

Thanks for the reply, Stephen.

I'm up in the air on Koster, but I offer a haiku:

"Dreams of Primary Power"

labor money dreams,
power, of Nace and Koster
our dreams, as we wake, are lost.

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