Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blogress Report

Back in February, members of the Committee for County Progress began discussing the advisability and feasibility of launching a group blog to host and stimulate intelligent political discussion with a progressive flavor. At the time, the KC Buzz Blog was a highly visible but deeply flawed venue, and the local political landscape was otherwise populated by personal or single-issue blogs. It seemed that the local political scene could benefit from a lively, frequently-updated site featuring an intelligent, informed group of writers on a variety of political topics.

A few months later, the Buzz Blog converted into a $400/year irrelevancy, and we decided that it was time to stop talking about Blog CCP. The site launched on May 26, totally without fanfare, since we weren't sure we had worked out all the technical bugs.

Today, less than three months after the launch of Blog CCP, the CCP has extended its reach and influence far beyond what it could have accomplished without the blog. We started tracking statistics a month and a half ago, and, in that time, we've had over 1400 visitors and almost 4500 visits. While most of our hits are from local sources, we get lots of visits from computers in Jefferson City and in Washington, DC. Visitors have come to our site from 5 continents.

All those visitors have found an interesting site. We've hosted a blog post by a United States Senator. We're averaging a post a day, and we have a lively commenting community that is growing. We've had 8 people author posts, and expect that number to grow as CCP members see how easy it is to voice their opinions.

During a period without any Jackson County elections, the Committee for County Progress has hosted a conversation that has reached over a thousand people. As we move toward 2008, we expect to continue our steady growth in both participation and audience. For over 40 years, the CCP has been encouraging and supporting progressive change in our county, state and nation. Blog CCP can support and amplify that impact, and has already begun to do so.


mainstream said...

Note to CCP Blog Admin:

Prime Buzz is $40/month, not $400.

I take issue and am a little bit offended with the braggadocio and claims surrounding the vast influence the CCP now wielding because of this blog. If that's your intention, fine, but it certainly isn't mine.

My intention is to participate, learn and pontificate on local politics. If a tangential benefit accrues to the fine people of the CCP, that's ok too.

CCP Admin said...

Thanks, Mainstream. I typed $400/month when I meant to type $400/year. I've fixed my mistake, but wanted to note the correction in the comments so people wouldn't think your comment was mistaken.

Didn't mean to offend, but I did want to toot the horn a little bit for participation. It would be great to see more members of the CCP posting. Plus, I think hosting a blog is a pretty cool way for the CCP to retain and enhance its relevance in the 21st century - the role of political clubs generally is changing and uncertain.

sophia said...

I like this blog and I hope it succeeds - but averaging (rounding up) one post a day from a group blog is nothing to get excited about. I appreciate that blogging can be time consuming, but if you'd like to really build an audience, you need more posts. Come on, CCP members - don't make Steve Bough do all the work!

If you'd like to build a lively commenting community, it would probably help to do more blog posts interacting with what other local bloggers are writing about. I assume that CCP Admin is Dan Ryan and also assume that he already knows this, so I'm curious why there isn't more of that interaction and outreach.

Phil Cardarella seems to have the hang of bitching about whatever it is he's reading (that's a compliment). Not every post needs to be uniquely insightful or informative. Go out, read, link, and tell us what you think.

Ok, that's enough unsolicited advice for now.

CCP Admin said...

Great advice, Sophia. Thank you.

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