Friday, June 22, 2007

Kraus (48th) Wants to Sell Political Favors

Rep. Will Kraus (R), the state rep from Lee's Summit/Raytown (48th district), voted to remove contribution caps in 2006. Now, Matt Blunt and Will Kraus are taking money like there is no tomorrow. If you are in power, you don't want caps because you can hand out political favors. The vast majority of Missourians support caps on political contributions.

The 48th District voted for Kraus by a whopping 48/52 % margin. The district never performs more that 52.4% Republican. Kraus voting to sell our State government to the highest bidder is not what this district wants or deserves.

Kraus has been bought and paid for by the monster telecommunication monopolies. He sponsored HB 1020 to keep cable company profits high by eliminating competition and by prohibiting local governments from protecting consumers from the $100 a month cable companies. Kraus also pushed HB 801, which limits suburban governments like Lee's Summit from providing a high quality, high speed, low cost Internet services to its citizens.

Let's put it all together: (get elected) - (caps so the cable companies can buy you) + (sponsor bills to help the telecom corps make bigger profits without competition or consumer protection) + (take donations from the Time Warners of the world) = Good Government for Sale by Will Kraus.


Dan Ryan said...

Kraus the Cable Guy.

I hope Moreno will run again - he's a great guy who ran a fine uphill race. That's a seat that the CCP ought to be targetting as a pick-up.

Anonymous said...

So you are mad at LeVota, Young, Grill, Low, Brown, Curls, and the other Democrats who help pass HB 801 by a significant 137-15 margin?

Or are you just taking political potshots without knowing anything about what you write?

My vote is for the latter.

Anonymous said...

LeVota, Young, Low, & Brown voted AGAINST removing campaign finance limits. Grill & Curls were not in the legislature at the time. Also, LeVota, Young, Grill, Low, Brown, Curls, and the other Democrats did not sponsor HB 1020 or HB 801 and take large donations from the benefactors of the bill.

The point is this. The current Republican controlled legislature promotes a "pay to play" system. Kraus is a part of this system. If you don't believe this, please review the disclourse reports of Republican Leaders next week. You will be disgusted.

Stephen Bough said...

Dear Anonymous: If you can't sign your name you need to go to the back of the class. How about you be a big kid, sign your name and show up with some some facts. Otherwise, your opinions don't count.

Signed Stephen R. Bough

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