Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sen. Chris Koster Switches to a Democrat

Sen. Chris Koster apparently has had enough of the Republican games and is switching to become a Democrat. Koster is running for attorney general. His last financial reports reveals that he took $125,000 from stem cell research supporter Jim Stowers and took in over $100,000 from unions. Looks like his contributors were Democrats anyway.

Maybe Koster has had enough of Republicans and Matt Blunt kicking kids off health insurance. Maybe he felt like crap for calling the previous question (the PQ has been used less than 10 times in the history of the Missouri Senate to stop debate) on Sen. Jolie Justus. Maybe it is the Republican party's constant attacks on the judicial system, since Chris Koster is a practicing lawyer. Maybe the 3-way Republican primary with Hanaway and Gibbons was too much (remember, in primaries, the most liberal wins the D's primary and the most conservative wins the R's primary). Whatever it was, it sure will make a potential special session this fall a political circus.

Republicans are calling on Koster to resign his state senate seat. Some people are calling for Koster to fire Axiom and Jeff Roe (the political attack dog for Congressman Graves). Democrats in Boone County (the home of my favorite AG candidate, Jeff Harris) are crying foul. The Boone County Democratic Party has detailed Koster's votes on corporate pig farms, voter photo ID's, the sale of MOHELA and children's health insurance. For some great quotes from political folks from around the state, check out the Post's page.


Anonymous said...

For an excellent discussion on the use of the PQ in the Missouri Senate, check out Sen. Jolie Justus' blog at

Night and day difference between Justus and Koster. I would bet that Koster switching to a D and running for AG draws our strong liberals (like Sen. Justus and Rep. Low) into the primary fight.

Doesn't this smell like Bob Johnson running against Sen. Matt Bartle. Conservative primary voters in Lee's Summit were not confused. I hear Bob Johnson is thinking of switching parties, too. I guess we will take them, but it is sometimes hard to swallow. First Koster beats up on Sen. Justus, now we play nice?

Anonymous said...

The Star quoted Mike Sanders as saying that Koster is very close to two groups who largely finance Democrats - unions and trial lawyers. Chris Koster cited his strong belief in collective bargaining and the nasty attacks on the judicial system, as well as stem cell research, as reasons for switching. I say we welcome him with open arms and talk him into being a Missouri senator for another 4 years (instead of running for AG). Bond will be done soon. Ike Skelton can't live forever. A D is a D is a D.

Anonymous said...

I think Jeff Harris has the right idea. Jeff said that he was always planning on running against Koster the Republican and he is still running against Koster the Republican.

Anonymous said...

Koster only has one party - himself.

Anonymous said...


Koster fires Roe and becomes a Democrat.

Bartle hires Roe, previously changing his MEC committee to a state-wide campaign.

Roe hires Bartle to defend him in a civil suit.

Jeff Roe attacks judges.

Koster and Bartle work on the same floor, both renting space from Tim Dollar.

Tim Dollar is on the judicial selection commission for judges in Jackson County.

The facts don't add up. Anyone got a conspiracy theory here?

Phil Cardarella said...

Chris now has a whole session to act like a real Democrat -- not just a sane lawyer who is supported by labor and passed high school biology. He can start by apologizing to Jolie for his chicken-dropping-like behavior toward her.

We are a big-tent Party. And it is always good to see a lost sheep returneth. But the sheep got some 'splaining to do before he gets to lead the herd.

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