Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Giuliani Can't Be Elected

For good or for bad, Rudy Giuliani can't be elected for President in a swing state like Missouri (or Ohio, Tennessee, Arkansas, or South Carolina).

Missourians voted down gay marriage by over 70%. That vote broke my heart. I saved my "No on 2" sign and look at it in my garage sadly. That vote also pushed a new crop of leaders to the top of the heap, i.e. Sen. Jolie Justus. Giuliani may have ticked off his kids by dumping their mom (at least it wasn't for a tobacco lobbyist like Congressman Roy Blunt did to Governor Matt Blunt's mom), but at least Rudy believes that "all men are created equal" applies to gays. Rudy has been an active leader in the NYC GLBT community.

KC Blue Blog has done a great job of tracking down the Giuliani videos that show Rudy dressing in drag, marching in gay pride parades and doing all the things a good liberal should do in NYC. It would have been nice to put a D up against Rudy because the religious right already feels upset with the Missouri Republican Party over stem cell. The Republican Party created the folks who believe that two gays living together is bad, but two gays getting married will destroy our country and is more important than the war on terror. They created this stem cell fight that divides their party.
Well, you invited them to the party, now you are stuck with them.


craig said...

Where you are missing the point is this; the GOP is learning from the mistakes of placating to the fringe of their party (notice Rudy being the frontrunner). While the Democrats have not learned from the mistakes of the GOP and are now placating to their fringe population (Hillary and Edwards). For petes sake, Pelosi isn't liberal enough for the fringe of your party! I personally would love if the Democrats came to their senses and nominated Obama or Richardson but, sadly, that doesn't look like it is going to happen.

Phil Cardarella said...

Rudy's frontrunner status is a tribute to the fact that the Repubs don't really believe that right wing religious BS that they spout to their witless base. Does anyone really think Rove or Chaney or W really give a rodent's rear about zygotes or fetuses? They don't care about real live kids in diapers, let alone in utero!

They like Rudy because they think he can win -- running on fear and an inflated resume. "Look! 9/11!"

Sadly, people who consider HRC -- a former Goldwater Girl who has not changed that many positions --as "too liberal" have no idea what a real liberal is or was.

Real liberals oppose the death penalty. They are in favor of Universal Health Care. They believe in a living wage. They think torture is a crime to be punished, not a policy to be parced. They don't think people should go to prison for victimless crime. They believe anti-trust laws should be enforced -- even against Walmart.

Jesus was a liberal. Check out the Beatitudes. He could not get the Democrat nomination -- but he'd be lucky to avoid getting stoned (with real rocks) at the Republican Convention.

Of course Rudy CAN get "elected". All they have to do is use fear to keep it close enough to steal once more. We need to keep it from being close enough to steal.

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