Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nolte (33rd) - Doing Nothing About Immigration

Representative Jerry Nolte (R) - state representative for the 33rd District just north of the river in Clay County - is busy taking on problem if illegal immigration. He's chair of the special committee on immigration.

Thank goodness someone is going to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants. Without a demand, there is no supply. HB 85, which makes it illegal (i.e. a crime and felony) for an employer to knowingly hire an illegal alien, was sent to Rep. Nolte's committee and was never passed into law. The Republicans control the Senate, the House and the Governor's mansion. What's Nolte's excuse for failure on this issue of great importance to him?

Rep. Nolte gets appointed the chair of a special committee and gets nothing passed. Criminalizing people doing the hiring - law and order, baby - is what the Republicans are all about. Why can't the chairman Nolte get things done? Maybe Clay County folks need a new state representative in the Missouri House.


sophia said...

"Thank goodness someone is going to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants."

Someone wants to pass a law to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants. But who's going to enforce it? I missed the part where we had law enforcement to spare. Are we willing to pay the cost to hire our own team of immigration enforcement officials? Are we willing to trust that the law won't be selectively enforced?

I'm far from an expert on immigration, but if we're willing to expend the resources, wouldn't it be wiser to make sure that employers were following the law regarding labor (safety) and wage standards?

Anonymous said...

Sophia - you missed the point.

Nolte is charged with going after the immigration issue and has accomplished nothing. It would be one thing for Nolte to say "this is a federal preemption issue and state's have no right to wander into this issue." Instead, to appeal to a certain class of voters, Nolte only thumps his chest.

Your point about enforcement is valid, but misses the point of the original post.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Terry Stone is back for a re-match in 08. Something about a fundraiser with Jay Nixon. That shows real leadership by Nixon and real hope for a Stone campaign. Wasn't this a real close vote last time?

sophia said...

anon 9:12,

I didn't miss the point of the post. I chose to respond to the substance of the proposed legislation rather than the cynicism inherent in the post. But as long as we're there... I don't see good things coming out of calling out republicans for not following through with their racist pandering.

Anonymous said...

The name Semler comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

I agree this legislation should have passed! Congratulations to Rep. Kraus for sponsoring this important legislation!!

Stephen Bough said...

So how come Nolte can't get it passed in the Missouri House and Senate, when both are controlled by Republicans? Either he is ineffective or his own party doesn't like him.

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