Monday, August 20, 2007

Terry Stone to Challenge Nolte in the 33rd

Rep. Terry Nolte (R) is in for a rematch from Terry Stone(D)!!!

The 33rd District, just North of the River in the Gladstone area, is a Democratic seat. Sen. Claire McCaskill carried this district by 56.7%. Terry Stone ran against Nolte, an incumbent, and lost by only 74 votes in 2006. Nolte has not been out raising money and reported "limited activity"on his last MEC filing. Nolte's immigration committee in Jefferson City has literally passed no laws. Nolte supports vouchers and open enrollment - ideas that are not popular in his district. Nolte's "limited activity" is not just limited to fundraising, he's done nothing for his district in Jefferson City besides serve as a rubber stamp for Blunt.

Before Nolte, the seat was held by Rev. and Rep. Phil Willoughby (D). Before that is was held by Insurance Commissioner and Rep. Scott Lakin (D). A fundraiser was recently held that was headlined by Jay Nixon, the current Attorney General and the Democratic candidate for Governor. Listed on the invite, in addition to Willoughby and Lakin, were the widely popular father and son duo of Councilman Bill Skaggs and Rep. Trent Skaggs. The fact that Terry Stone has such heavy hitter support so early clearly indicates this is a Top 5 race in the State. If the Missouri House is going to switch to a Democrat in the Speaker's chair, it will require that Terry Stone be in Jefferson City.
Good Luck, Terry Stone.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Terry Stone has the support of the party and Northland leaders. After the three years of Blunt, I bet a lot more people will be picking D's up and down the ticket.

Does Nolte follow the Blunt-Roe machine?

Anonymous said...

Very nice to see Nixon acting like teh party leader we need him to be.

Anonymous said...

How did the D's lose this seat?

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