Friday, November 28, 2008

Much To Be Thankful For - What Can Santa Bring for Christmas

Looking back over the past year provides plenty of good feelings for the CCP. 5 of the 6 statewide offices are held by Democrats, and the legislature has some strong new progressive voices. Our out-going chair was chosen as chair of the Jackson County Democratic Committee. A heck of a year, indeed.

But the appetite for success is not so easily satiated. Here are a few things on the Christmas lists of many democrats . . .

1. Federal appointments. The Western District US Attorney's office has been battered in recent years. Until the likes of Schlozman disgraced its history, it has been one of the best-led US Attorney's offices in the nation. There are still some fine career people who have held on through the dark days of the Bush/Rove administration, and we all join in their hopes that President Obama chooses someone with integrity, judgment and intelligence to be their leader. If he needs a short list of suggestions, just have President Obama give me a call.

Less immediately, but in the coming years, there will be judicial appointments and a host of administrative appointments to be filled, and we look forward to the Federal Government not only appointing Democrats, but people devoted to the causes they are supposed to serve, instead of industry hacks devoted to undermining good government. A key difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats believe in good government.

2. State Appointments. No single appointment stands out as the one that must be made immediately for the good of the state, but Jay Nixon has always been known for his talent in choosing bright, qualified people to work for him. I hope that Missourians' stockings are filled with great democrats in appropriate positions. Our own Theresa Garza Ruiz is already working hard on the transition team - here's where to learn more about the jobs, boards and commissions to be filled.

3. Better County Ethics Legislation. This promises to be the first mess of the Holiday Season, and I hope that somehow our County Legislature gets past its imperial delusions and accepts the well-drafted, well-thought-out Ethics Legislation drafted by a bi-partisan committee. Substitutes that exempt our Legislators from local oversight are not acceptable.

4. A Continued Blue Tide in Missouri. We may have 5 of 6 statewide offices in Democratic hands, but much work needs to be done. Missouri's electoral votes went to McCain, and its legislature remains in the hands of a Neanderthal mob. We can and must do better, for our citizens and our future. We have a long way to go before we can be satisfied with our governmental representation in Missouri and even here in Jackson County. Matt Bartle, Bryan Pratt and Will Krause still represent portions of our county in Jefferson City.

Perhaps, Santa, you had better leave a couple cases of Red Bull under our trees. Much work remains to be done.