Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Koster & UMKC

Gone Mild has an interesting post on Chris Koster taking $15 Million from UMKC. The AG race - I believe - will be about who can get KC and St. Louis out to vote.

I don't know anything about St. Louis, but Margaret Donnelly does. I know that the UMKC community is active in KC. Important liberal endorsements are going to start leaking out - like ACORN.

Mark your calendars now for the first debate among all 3 attorney general candidates - May 22 at UMKC White Recital Hall @ 6:00.


Real Roo Democrat said...

Does Koster really expect us to forget that he voted for Medicaid cuts, voted pro-life and voted to cut money from UMKC (all while screwing over Sen. Jolie Justus)?

Fan of Mel said...

Let's not forget that Koster endorsed John Ashcroft over Mel Carnahan. I wonder if Jean, Robin and Russ Carnahan are going to endorse in the primary?

Real Donkey said...

Let's see - Koster took the highly unusual move of calling the previous question (PQ) on Sen. Jolie Justus when she was filibustering the MOHELA sale. As punishment, Koster and the other Republicans took $15 million from the UMKC Pharmacy School and a similiar amount from MU because Sen. Chuck Graham participated in the filibuster.

Chris "man of principal" Koster loved stem cell reseach. So did Bond's former chief of staff Warren Erdman. When Erdman got nominated to be a UM Curator, Matt bartle filibustered the nomination because Erdman is for stem cell and stem cell = abortion in Bartle's mind. Did Koster call the PQ on Bartle - heck no.

Koster is a Republican political opportunist. Real Democrats won't vote for him, regardless of how slick he is.

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