Monday, February 18, 2008

AG Race full of dualing endorsements

Common thought about the Missouri Attorney General's race was that Margaret Donnelly would pick up St. Louis - then Chris Koster got the endorsement of the prosecutor. Common thought was that Koster would get all the unions - then Jeff Harris started picking off some of the large state-wide unions like the IBEW. Common thought was that KC folks would sit this one out - then Donnelly picked up the endorsement of Rep. Beth Low and others.

Common thought was that Koster would get the rural voters - then there was this press release from the Harris campaign:

Columbia – Continuing his strong show of support throughout Missouri, former Missouri House Democratic Leader and Democratic candidate for Attorney General Jeff Harris announced that he has received the endorsement of Greene County Presiding Commissioner Dave Coonrod and Representative Charlie Norr from Springfield.

“Jeff Harris’ strong record as a leader in the House and his ability to appeal to all Missourians, not just those in major metro areas, make him the right choice for Attorney General,” said Coonrod, the top executive official in Greene County. “Missourians know what they’re getting with a candidate like Jeff Harris, and we know we can trust him to focus on the issues that matter most to Missouri families.” “Jeff Harris has the experience and the ability to run an Attorney General’s office that will work for all of us,” said Norr. “He is the only candidate who has worked directly with a Democratic Attorney General, and as a leader in the House he has fought tirelessly to address the issues that affect Missourians’ lives.”

“I am honored to have the support of Commissioner Coonrod and Representative Norr,” said Rep. Jeff Harris. “Their endorsements demonstrate the strength that my campaign is building across the state. To win in November, Democrats must nominate a candidate who can win in every corner of Missouri, not just in St. Louis or Kansas City.”

Presiding Commissioner Dave Coonrod is one of three members of the Greene County Commission. He was first elected as Associate Commissioner in 1988 and was elected Presiding Commissioner in 1994. Representative Charlie Norr was elected to the House in 2006. He is a retired fire captain with 20 years on the job, who previously served for four years in the United States Navy and two years in the Navy Reserve. Norr and Coonrod join numerous other Democrats who have endorsed Harris’ campaign for Attorney General, including former Governor Roger Wilson and Senate Democratic Leader Maida Coleman

So much for common thought.


The Regulato said...

I'm endorsing Mike Gibbons. He's the only one that I trust for the job.

whistleblower said...

the regulato...

Your decision must be based solely on the fact that Gibbons has an (R) behind his name.

His knowledge of the law is far below what I would consider to be an adequate display of competency needed to perform the duties of AG.

Gibbons is part of the problem, not part of the solution. If you want to perpetuate the problems with Missouri's Government, vote for Gibbons -I did, last time around....never again.

The regulator. said...

No, it's not based on that. In fact, I'm at odds with most Republicans like Matt Blunt who have been a disaster. I'm basing my decision on how partisan Jeff Smith is and how insincere Chris Koster is. I like Koster as a person, but I don't trust him to do anything except what is best for him. I think Jeff Smith's personality should disqualify him from office. I think Gibbons is a good guy and I believe that he would be competent. That's what I'm basing my decision on. Partisan politics shouldn't have anything to do with things like Attorney General, or Sheriff, etc. I understand your position whistleblower. If you think he has wronged you, don't vote for him. I'm just saying that I will because I honestly believe he is the best in the race at this point.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Smith isn't running for AG. Jeff Harris is, and he hasn't been partisan as far as I can tell. You're thinking of the wrong person.

You really ought to pay better attention if you intend to vote.

The Regulator said...

I'm talking about the guy who had a movie made about his run for Congress. Isn't he running for AG?

Dan said...

Wow. That truly is the Gibbons demographic. Incredible.

the nitwit said...

regulator, Jeff Smith had the movie made about him. He's also one of Chris Koster's best buddies. Jeff Harris, on the other hand, is running for Attorney General, and he's a pretty moderate guy who actually worked in the AG's office. You might want to find out more about him at his website,

Nick said...

Wow, I had no idea Jeff Smith was running for AG. In fact, I don't think he knows that either!

Randal Williams said...

Boy Regulator, better not make one mis-speak, I knew what you meant, both state legislators both assholes just like most of the people on this site. You try to start a rational discussion on this site and BAM! I would like to know who Dan and the other hate filled people are that hopped on you so that we could see what type of demographics the others attract.

The Regulator said...

That's okay Randal, I appreciate your attempt to defend me, but I really screwed up and named another no name legislator instead of the no name that is actually running. No hard feelings from me, I made a mistake and deserve the harsh words. I know all of the candidates and Jeff Smith as well, and I will still be voting for Gibbons. I also wish that I could vote for Robin Carnahan for Governor but that's probably going to cause a big stink on here too! Oh, and I know that she's not running handyman Dan.

Dan said...

I'll tell you exactly what type of demographic I am. I'm GAY and I'm PROUD! I'm not a racist like all those evil Republicans, I only sleep with black men. So don't you try to put me in a box, I spent most of my life in the closet.

Dan said...

Obviously, a different Dan has entered the conversation. I am the Dan who commented earlier. I'm in the demographic that knows the difference between Jeff Harris and Jeff Smith.

Carnahan Democrat said...

Until Chris Koster publicly apoligizes to Jean Carnahan for endorsing John Ashcroft over Mel Carnhan, then no Democrat will ever vote for Chris Koster.

Stephen Bough said...

Ummm, looks like the post did not elicit any comments on the voting patterns of rural Missouri Democrats. I'll try something else next time.

carnahan democrat said...

. . . rural Democrats or not.

Anonymous said...

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