Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blue Blog Ties Payday Lenders to Right Wingers

This Blog likes to point out the hypocrisies of many in the religious right, but KC Blue Blog does it with reports from college professors!!

A new study from Utah School of Law finds that Pay Day Loan Companies are tied to areas of dominant "Christian Conservative" Republican politicians and not areas with the largest amount of low income residents.

It appears a "deal with the devil" was made by "Christian Conservative" Republicans to partner with Wall Street, big business Republicans. In exchange for financial and political support for politicians who manipulate voters by playing at their religious beliefs; pay day loan sharks received lesser regulations and the ability to collapse families and communities.

Sadly, Missouri ranks #1 in the nation for this type of corruption. Over $315 million was made last year alone by Pay Day Loan sharks off vulnerable families struggling to get by. Go check out KC Blue Blog.

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