Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Nader Just Nuts? Or...

Given the fact that anyone with the brains of a flatworm knows that Ralph Nader gave us W in 2000, can he have any credibility left?

The only rational explanation for his behavior involves his secret Swiss bank accounts full of laundered Republican money. Any other explanation is simply irrational.

Of course, sometimes people do the irrational -- but no sane person votes for a guy engaged in irrational behavior. (I considered refraining from pointing out that the fools who followed him in 2000 have enough blood on their hands -- American and Iraqi -- but subtlety doesn't seem to work with Naderites.)

It can well be argued that the Green Party got what it's niavete deserved: W instead of Gore. But WE did not deserve W and neither did Ma Earth.


Anonymous said...

Nader has every right to run. If democrats could bring him and his ideas into the fold, they would have won. But they cannot and have not. I will vote for Nader if Hillary is the nominee. He is the better candidate.

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