Monday, February 25, 2008

Koster Attacked by Dems

Chris Koster is getting it from all sides. Below is the text taken from Rep. John Burnett's newsletter, which was circulated on January 24, 2008.

Chris Koster was attacked this week by both of his Democrat rivals for Attorney General. Koster, the former Republican who switched parties recently to become a Democrat, voted with Republicans this week in the Senate to strip the contribution limits from the campaign laws and allow unlimited political donations. The bill was Senate Bill 1038. Only the Democrats voted against the bill. All Republicans joined by the new Democrat Koster voted for it.

Koster also walked out of a committee meeting to avoid a key vote on school vouchers. That ducking of the issue brought a blast from his rival State Rep Jeff Harris who said: " Koster is clearly finding it difficult to shed his long held Republican postilions - like his strong support of vouchers. Rather than let the voters know exactly where he stands on this pivotal issue involving funding for our schools, Koster ducked."

Two big issues - campaign limits and school vouchers. If Koster is running for the Democratic primary, he's sure making it rough on himself.

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