Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Open Letter to Super Delegates

I understand that you are now hearing from some Obama supporters asking you to abdicate your right and responsibility to use your judgment to stand up for the best interests of the Democratic Party. They feel you must now surrender your own thought-process to vote for whomever receives the most popular votes - in effect, silencing yourself.

Ironically, these same voices were suspiciously quiet about the necessity of popular majority rule back when their candidate did not lead in the delegate count. Odd, that. Ironically, these same voices were suspiciously quiet about creating the role of super-delegates. Funny, isn't it? Ironically, these same voices seek to persuade support of their candidate by pointing to - hold on, it's worth the wait - . . . - really, it is - famous big-name celebrity insiders who happen to support their candidate! Sounds like they think that some Democrats ought to be heard louder than others, after all.

(And don't get me started on Claire "Telecom Immunity" McCaskill's WWJTD bracelet . . .)

Now that the Republicans have a clear choice, there may be more crossover voting by trouble-making Republicans seeking a less experienced opponent. Alternatively, there could be positive or negative developments in either of the Democrats campaign. Certainly, I would hope that no super-delegate would feel bound by my vote for Senator Clinton if we find out next week that she really did murder Vincent Foster, and I would hope that Obama supporters would expect super-delegates to abandon their candidate if the vision of hope turns out to be cloudier than the media is currently telling us.

Above all, I sincerely hope that by the time the convention rolls around, either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will be the clear favorite, and that the convention will unite behind one of them.

Let the Party choose the best candidate available at the convention, regardless what some caucus voter in Iowa way back in January had to say before s/he had the full story.

And don't let the Obama supporters succeed in their attempts to vote for anything other than the best candidate. Maybe, at the time of the convention, the best candidate will be Obama, but maybe not. Let's decide those issues at the convention, without trying to "game the system" by artificially tying the superdelegates to the popular vote, okay?


Anonymous said...

The audacity of this post amazes me. Obama courting superdelegates? Are you kidding me? It is Clinton who has staked her entire nomination bid on (1) pressuring superdelegates and (2) reinstating delegates from FL and MI (in spite of the DNC's rules on the issue, which ALL candidates signed off on). Obama is out there working for the pledged delegates - and it is working; Hillary is trying to win via backroom deals.

Dan - You, of course, have every right to support your candidate, Hillary Clinton. But please do so with facts, not spin and lies. This post is an example of old politics. It is time to put this kind of crap behind us.

Anonymous said...

Dan you continue to be a voice of negativity within the Democratic party.

You use your own blog to attack Coffman, Koster, Donnely, Cauthen ect... Now you insinuate that Obama supporters are trying to strong arm elite "super" delegates because some may actually believe in populism (a pillar of the Democratic platform)???

Seriously, I hear Axiom is hiring and Roe would love a good attack dog, you should submit your resume, you can use your blog as a writing sample.

Dan Ryan said...

Anonymous 10:17 -

Where are the spin and lies in my audacious posts? Everything I said that the Obama supporters are doing was in direct response to Mr. Bough's post. What does "pressuring superdelegates" even mean? Does it mean courting their support, as an important constituency? How is that different from other campaigning?

As for FL and MI, that's an entirely different issue, isn't it? Why so eager to change the topic?

I resent the charge that I'm somehow guilty of spin and lies or old politics for voicing my opinion that superdelegates ought to vote for whichever candidate appears strongest at the convention. I don't think that's any kind of "crap" - I think that is good judgment. Why have superdelegates if we don't want their judgment?

Dan Ryan said...

Anonymous 12:29 -

Me? Negative? Such a shocking, negative accusation to mar my Saturday morning!

Please go reread my post, and point out where I accuse anyone of strong-arming.

If it escaped you, my post was a response to Bough's post a couple down. The two of us have managed to have a civil disagreement on an important issue - care to join us? No need to attack either of us personally - just explain what the purpose of having the superdelegates at the convention is, if they are required to vote in accordance with the popular vote.

As for my voice of negativity in the democratic party, I think if you read what I've written, I've been opinionated but honest and factual about each of the people you mention, and I've always been supporting the democrats they oppose.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure Dan does not already work for Roe and the Republicans. Think about it. He has made a sport of tearing down Democrats. No one on the D side of the aisle has more negative things to say about Democrats than Dan. Is he really a Democrat?

Isn't it interesting how Dan always seems to oppose the Democrats who Republicans fear the most. He vehemently opposes Koster, and is now taking swipes at Obama. The pattern is telling.

Anonymous said...

"(And don't get me started on Claire "Telecom Immunity" McCaskill's WWJTD bracelet . . .)"

- this statement is offensive and negative

"And don't let the Obama supporters succeed in their attempts to vote for anything other than the best candidate."

- this statement is offensive and negative

"by artificially tying the superdelegates to the popular vote"

- this statement suggests that the Obama suporters are trying to strong arm elite members into supporting populism. How did the 2000 prez election work out for the country when a simple majority of the voters lost to the electoral few?

For so long Dan, I have considered you relevant and interesting. The relentless attacks you launched this past campaign cycle have really diminished your integrity. We are the Democrat party! The party of ideas, solution and yes, hope, no matter how you blame the media for covering a genuinely positive messages.

They say Jackson County Politics are marred with ugly party infighting because there are no Republicans to fight. Well, to those people I say there are plenty of problems to fight. While we waste time and money throwing stones at each other, the schools still fail, the neighborhoods crumble and the people in the fields remain unchanged.

Put the stones down and use your fleeting influence to direct conversations about problems.

Dan Ryan said...

Anonymous 9:36 -

Yes, indeed, I am the source of all negativity concerning democrats in Jackson County, even though I have enthusiastically supported almost every successful candidate. For a couple decades now, I've been supporting progressive candidates with time and money, but if you sincerely think I'm working for Jeff Roe, I invite you to take off your cloak of anonymity, sit down with me and let's chat about it. Email me at - or remain hidden with anonymous lies. You apparently believe that Koster is a democrat and I'm a republican - I'd love to meet you.

Anonymous 9:56 -

If you find my comment about McCaskill's position on FISA telecom immunity negative and offensive, defend her position. Hell yes, I'm angry at her for what she did, and you should be, too.

You criticize my quotation "don't let the Obama supporters succeed in their attempts to vote for anything other than the best candidate." I'll join you in that criticism - it's missing a word. I was typing in a hurry to get out of town. It should have read "don't let the Obama supporters succeed in their attempts to FORCE YOU TO vote for anything other than the best candidate." Again, the point is that the attempt to tie the superdelegates to voting for anything other than the best candidate is a horrible mistake. There can't be any serious argument about that, can there?

It's great and gratifying that you've realized how "relevant and interesting" I am. It's also kind of sweetly ironic that an anonymous commenter sees fit to lecture me about my "fleeting relevancy" (as opposed to the permanent irrelevancy of an anonymous commenter?) and question my integrity. You claim I've been negative, but you utterly fail to show any stones I've thrown (except for the well-earned pebble upside Claire's NSA-addled pate.)

Anonymous said...

Dan -

Politics should not be based on negativity and lies. Have the courage to state what you are for, not just what/who you are against.

Your brand of politics has come and gone. It is tired and unproductive. Time to hang up the spikes, my friend.

Dan Ryan said...

Have you read what I've written? I've written clearly that I am for protecting Missouri's Justice system, I'm for Jason Kander, I'm for having a good democrat in the Governor's mansion, I'm for Jeff Harris, I'm for just about every democrat that has been elected in this part of the country for the past quarter century.

Now, explain to me what this "brand of politics" is that you speak of that has come and gone. Show me where I embody a negative approach, instead of standing up for clear thinking, good sense and good values.

And name yourself.

Anonymous said...

Where has Dan ever lied?

Phil Cardarella said...


Do not get upset by the baseless accusations of someone too cowardly to use his name. (Anonymity may be defensible - barely - when there is some actual possibility of retaliation. But, come on, this is a PRESIDENTIAL race. What cabinet post do you think Anonymous is in the running for? Secretary of Secret?)

Among other things, you are right. The purpose of having superdelegates is specifically to act as a counterweight of experienced politicos to the primary process. They cannot deny a clear winner the nomination. But, if neither candidate clearly wins, they have the obligation to decide, based on who they feel would be the best candidate and the best president.

Like Burke, they have the obligation to vote their judgement, not just their constituents' opinions.

Todd said...

Site to submit your letter:

Dear Automatic Delegates (Super Delegates),

First, I would like my letter read by all the Automatic Delegates or perhaps the DNC leadership, since my state – Michigan - does not count. My statement “Hillary Clinton: The Only Real Nominee for Our Precious Nation in 2008”. Unfortunately, two important state primaries, including Michigan and Florida, have found their voters disenfranchised during the most important election of my lifetime. Hillary Clinton would have had a commanding lead in the delegate race and carried serious momentum into the recent primaries, if Florida and Michigan would have followed the rules of the DNC. Again, I attribute Barack’s momentum to the fact that Hillary could have carried the two important states of Michigan in Florida and a bulk of the pledged delegates, if our votes would have only counted. As a resident of Michigan and supporter of Hillary Clinton for President, I am completely outraged by being left out of the primary process. My outlook has been enhanced by the fact that I will be graduating with a Master in Public Administration - May ’08, have a son in college, and have a new grandson. Consequently, I need to emphasize this election is the most important election of my family’s lifetime.

Meanwhile, the main street media has been displaying anti-Clinton sentiments and badgering Hillary Clinton, since the beginning of this primary election process. Interestingly the media is counting Hillary out of the primary race again – as they did before the New Hampshire primary - with their declaration that Obama has an unassailable lead and that the race is essentially over. This media bias, along with lack of delegates that Hillary would have gained from Michigan and Florida primaries, favors Obama as he was able to win a number of red state primaries and caucuses, while gaining the lead in pledged delegates. The media’s outrageous declaration, favoring Barack, comes when she is only behind approximately 2% to 4 % of the awarded delegates with more than 1/3rd of the delegates yet to be awarded. There is still a long way to go to decide the Democratic nomination and the Automatic Delegates are expected to exercise their best judgment in the interests of the Nation and the Democratic Party.

My hopes are that the Pledged Delegates from the major states of Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, along with the judgment of the Automatic Delegates will carry Hillary Clinton to the Democratic Nominee. Hillary is needed by the Democratic Party to overcome the presumptive Republican nominee John McCain in the General Election. Experienced Democrats ought to realize that experience will be essential in winning the ’08 Presidency. To dramatize the affects of an Obama nominee, Barack Obama will be shredded to pieces by the Republican political machine, due to his unproven and divisive voting record and questionable qualifications to responsibly lead our Nation; not to mention his years of dubious activities and dealings during his younger irresponsible years of his life. I don’t think Americans will tolerate substance related problems again in our next President and the Republicans are just waiting to exploit Obama’s weaknesses, if he secures the nomination.

Hillary’s experience will be challenged as well, but who is tested and can lead our country, when familiarity, knowledge, judgment, diplomatic and leadership skills are essential to addressing the multi-faceted problems of our country. In Hillary’s terms, these problems are just opportunities in need of solutions. Hillary is the only nominee who can deliver a record of achievement and success for the complex domestic and foreign policy considerations confronting our next President, Administration, and most importantly, a unified Congress and complementary Judicial system.

To Whom It May Concern: Please do not dismiss my discussion thus far, due to what I am about to propose. CNN has prevented every comment I’ve submitted to their relevant blogs, whenever I bring up the following issue. Most often my blog entries are accepted by CNN and favor Hillary Clinton. Generally, I ask CNN to tone down their bias and CNN’s conversion to the Obama News Network. The fact that they will not publish the following blog suggestion, alone, leads me to believe that there is some truth in what I am about to discuss.

Here is the theory I think the Automatic Delegates should consider when making there decision to place their confidence in Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nominee for President. Although I am not the first to suggest this, I have alleged for a number of months that the Republican's have implemented a plan of enlisting Obamacans (Republicans for Obama) and Independent voters (with Republican voting tendencies), known as “Crossover” voters, to vote Democratic for Barack Obama. Specifically, these “Crossover” voters have been engaged to offset and distort the real Democratic vote for Hillary Clinton, favoring Barack Obama. Facts show that Hillary is more successful in states with closed primaries where advised Republicans were not able to register as Democrats quickly enough to distort the vote. Partly, the asymmetrical (Democratic vs. Republican) numbers are indicative of this “Crossover” voting trend throughout the U.S. especially in the open primaries. If I had more time, I could statistically prove that “Crossover” voting is a fact and is a real influence favoring Barack, especially now that the presumptive Republican nominee is set.

In addition, the GOP plan included moving up the Florida primary and disenfranchising the Florida voters, while taking away Hillary’s momentum by eliminating the number of Pledged Delegates that would have favored Mrs. Clinton. I’ve been encouraging others through blogs and personal contacts to sign the petition to get the Florida votes to count, as they should. Please, I am asking the Automatic Delegates to don’t let the GOP dictate this election again through their devious and unethical tactics. I will not mention any names responsible for these underhanded efforts.

Hillary is the real Democratic choice for the nomination, if our system would have been fairly administered. The Automatic or Super Delegates should consider why the GOP has taken such extreme measures to undermine Hillary’s campaign efforts to secure the Democratic Nomination. Therefore, Automatic Delegates should place their votes accordingly based on their initial instincts and as mechanism to offset the GOP’s effort to undermine Hillary’s campaign. I am hoping the Automatic Delegates understand that Hillary’s proven record of accomplishments and experience will make a difference in the General Election, despite the media’s comments indicating that Obama’s well written and rehearsed inspirational speeches will make him a better candidate in the General Election. Like-minded to most of the Democratic Party, I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Barack and his motivational speech presentation, but Barack with not have the support of the GOP and the recruited Obamacans in the General Election, who will convert back to their Republican ties. Not only will Barack lose a large portion of his bogus primary/caucus supporters in the General Election, Barack Obama’s eloquence will not be as effective in international arenas, if he should become fortunate enough to secure the Presidency.

Certainly, Barack Obama grown in many ways as a popular political figure and has accomplished the means to deliver an effective political presentation. However, qualifications and substantive plans and efforts are needed to turn our country in a positive direction. In order to maintain unity for the Democratic Party to guarantee a win in the General Election, I think Barack would be an excellent Vice President for Hillary. Perhaps, Barack could run for President in 2016 after serving as V.P. for eight years; however, Barack Obama will most likely not have the support of the Republican and Independent “Crossover” voters, recruited by the GOP to debase Hillary Clinton in 2008.

If the GOP was anything like me, I believed Hillary was the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party 8 years ago; therefore, although my suggestions about counterfeit “Crossover” voters for Obama are only conjecture, the GOP could have been planning for this attack against Hillary for 8 years. Many facts support my theory including GOP financial support for Obama, GOP disenfranchising the Florida voters by moving up the primary date for and election that was a lock for a Hillary win, enlisted “Crossover” voters creating and unusual and excessive amount of voters favoring the Democratic Party and Obama in particular, inconsistent dramatic swings in National Polling, and most importantly and the National primary and caucus process that easily allows fraudulent voting through “Crossover” voting, by Independents, and Republicans in open primaries/caucuses and the registering as Democrat and then re-registering back to Republican for closed primaries/caucuses and the General Election. Hillary has been climbing an uphill battle against the negative media and GOP attacks and potential fraud, including the “Crossover” voters and the Florida Election.

Thus, the Automatic Delegates are our nation’s only chance to protect the future of our economic, social, national security, and international status of America by voting their hearts and assisting in the nomination of “Hillary Clinton: The Only Real Nominee for our precious Nation in ‘08”. Hillary will deliver on her promises on the balancing the budget, reducing the National Debt, improving the economy, increasing business opportunities and creating more jobs, stabilizing the education and make college more affordable, healthcare reform through universal health care and lowering costs, immigration reform, ending the War in Iraq, terrorism, evaluating international treaties and improving relations, and unifying our dysfunctional government system and agencies. Most definitely, a long laundry list thanks to her predecessor, but Hillary will begin the process of prioritizing and accomplishing the goals of her administration once she is elected as our Nation’s first woman President and Commander-in-Chief.

Get behind Hillary Clinton for President! We need a real Democrat for President.

Best Regards,

Todd - MI

P.S. Sign petition to get Florida votes to count:

Here is a list of Superdelegates that have NOT ENDORSED A CANDIDATE.
If you just google the name it should provide you with contact information.
Let them know WE WANT HILLARY!!!

Representatives Bud Cramer (AL) Harry Mitchell (AZ) Gabrielle Giffords (AZ) Nancy Pelosi (CA) Jerry McNerney (CA) Pete Stark (CA) Mike Honda (CA) Sam Farr (CA) Jim Costa (CA) Lois Capps (CA) Howard Berman (CA) Henry Waxman (CA) Bob Filner (CA) Susan Davis (CA) Mark Udall (CO) John Salazar (CO) Joe Courtney (CT) Allen Boyd (FL) Kathy Castor (FL) Tim Mahoney (FL) Ron Klein (FL) Jim Marshall (GA) John Barrow (GA) Mazie Hirono (HI) Dan Lipinski (IL) Rahm Emanuel (IL) Peter Visclosky (IN) Joe Donnelly (IN) Brad Ellsworth (IN) Baron Hill (IN) Rep. Bruce Braley (IA) Nancy Boyda (KS) Dennis Moore (KS) Ben Chandler (KY) William Jefferson (LA) Charlie Melancon (LA) Tom Allen (ME) Rep. Michael Michaud (ME) John Sarbanes (MD) Steny Hoyer (MD) Chris Van Hollen (MD) John Olver (MA) Niki Tsongas (MA) John Tierney (MA) Edward Markey (MA) Sander Levin (MI) Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (MI) Rep. Bart Stupak (MI) Collin Peterson (MN) Gene Taylor (MS) Ike Skelton (MO) Rep. Rush Holt (NJ) Rep. Bob Etheridge (NC) Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC) Rep. Brad Miller (NC) Rep. David Price (NC) Rep. Heath Shuler (NC) Rep. Mel Watt (NC) Rep. Tom Udall (NM) Charlie Wilson (OH) Marcia Kaptur (OH) Betty Sutton (OH) Tim Ryan (OH) Rep. Zack Space (OH) Rep. Dennis Kucinich (OH) David Wu (OR) Peter DeFazio (OR) Bob Brady (PA) Jason Altmire (PA) Chris Carney (PA) John Murtha (PA) Tim Holden (PA) Rep. Mike Doyle (PA) John Spratt (SC) Rep. Jim Clyburn (SC) Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD) Rep. Dan Boren (OK) Lincoln Davis (TN) Bart Gordon (TN) John Tanner (TN) Chet Edwards (TX) Nick Lampson (TX) Ciro Rodriguez (TX) Lloyd Doggett (TX) Jim Matheson (UT) Rick Larsen (WA) Jim McDermott (WA) Alan Mollohan (WV) Nick Rahall (WV) Ron Kind (WI) Steve Kagen (WI) Madeleine Bordallo (Guam) Presidents & VPs Jimmy Carter (GA) Al Gore (TN) Senators Barbara Boxer (CA) Ken Salazar (CO) Chris Dodd (CT) Joe Biden (DE) Tom Carper (DE) Daniel Akaka (HI) Tom Harkin (IA) Mary Landrieu (LA) Ben Cardin (MD) Carl Levin (MI) Amy Klobuchar (MN) Max Baucus (MT) John Tester (MT) Harry Reid (NV) Frank Lautenberg (NJ) Byron Dorgan (ND) Sherrod Brown (OH) Ron Wyden (OR) Bob Casey (PA) Jack Reed (RI) Jim Webb (VA) Robert Byrd (WV) Jay Rockefeller (WV) Herb Kohl (WI) Russ Feingold (WI) Sen. Jeff Bingaman (NM) Fmr. Senator George Mitchell (NY) Michael Brown (DC) Paul Strauss (DC) Governors Bill Ritter (CO) Steve Beshear (KY) Brian Schweitzer (MT) John Lynch (NH) Bill Richardson (NM) Mike Easley (NC) Brad Henry (OK) Phil Bredeson (TN) Joe Manchin (WV) Dave Freudenthal (WY) DNC Members Howard Dean - Chairman (VT) Lottie Shackleford (AR) Linda Chavez -Thompson (TX) Susan Turnbull (MD) Mark Brewer (MI) Andrew Tobias (FL) Alice Germond (WV) Philip D. Murphy (NJ) Alabama Joe Turnham - AL Chair Nancy Worley - AL Vice Chair Alaska Blake Johnson - AK Vice Chair Cindy Spanyers Arizona Don Bivens - AZ Chair Donna Branch Gilby - AZ Vice Chair California Art Torres - CA Chair Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker - Vice Chair Steven Alari Edward Espinoza Inola Henry Aleita Huguenin Hon. Carole Midgen Bob Mulholland Christine Pelosi Robert Rankin Garry Shay Keith Umemoto Steve Ybarra John Perez Colorado Pat Waak - CO Chair Connecticut Nancy DiNardo - CT Chair John Olsen Delaware John Daniello - DE Chair Harriet Smith-Windsor - DE Vice Chair Florida Karen Thurman - FL Chair Rudolph Parker - FL Vice Chair Terrie Brady Mitchell Ceasar Diane Glasser Janee Murphy Jon Ausman (FL) Georgia Jane Kidd - GA Chair Mary Long Richard Ray Rep. John Lewis (GA) Hawaii Beverly Withington - Chair Joshua Wisch - Vice Chair Dr. Marie Dolly Strazar Idaho Keith Roark - Chair Illinois Hon. Carol Ronen Hon. Darlena Williams-Burnett Vacant Indiana Connie Thurman Iowa Scott Brennan - IA Chair Richard Machacek Kansas Larry Gates - KS Chair Helen Knetzer Kentucky Jennifer Moore - Chair Nathan Smith - Vice Chair DNC Moretta Bosley (KY) Louisiana Chris Whittington - LA Chair Mary Lou Winters - LA Vice Chair Hon. Renee Gill Pratt Claude "Buddy" Leach Maine Marianne Stevens - ME Vice Chair Sam Spencer Rita Moran Maryland Michael Cryor - MD Chair Lauren Glover - MD Vice Chair Hon. Heather Mizeur Hon. Gregory Pecoraro Mary Jo Neville Massachusetts Debra Kozikowski Margaret Xifaras Michigan Arthenia Abbott - MI Vice Chair Elizabeth Bunn Debbie Dingell Hon. Robert Ficano Joyce Lalonde Jeffrey Radjewski Michael Tardiff Richard Wiener DNC Debbie Dingell (MI) Minnesota Brian Melendez - MN Chair Donna Cassutt - MN Vice Chair Nancy Larson Mississippi Wayne Dowdy - Chair Carnelia Pettis Fondren - Vice Chair Everett Sanders Missouri John Temporiti - Chair Yolanda Wheat - Vice Chair Leila Medley Montana Dennis McDonald - MT Chair Hon. Margarett Campbell - MT Vice Chair Jean Lemire Dahlman Nebraska Steven Achelpohl - NE Chair Audra Ostergard (NE) Nevada Jill Derby - NV Chair Sam Lieberman - NV Vice Chair New Hampshire Raymond Buckley - NH Chair New Jersey Donald Norcross New Mexico Brian Colon - NM Chair New York Hon. Herman Farrell Jr. Dennis Mehiel Hon. Roberto Ramirez Irene Stein Sylvia Tokasz North Carolina Jerry Meek - NC Chair Dr. Jeanette Council David Parker Muriel Offerman Carol Peterson North Dakota David Strauss - ND Chair Renee Pfenning Ohio Hon. Chris Redfern - OH Chair Hon. Rhine McLin - OH Vice Chair William Burga Enid Goubeaux Hon. Mark Mallory Ronald Malone Patricia Moss Sonni Nardi Oklahoma Ivan Holmes Jim Frasier Oregon Meredith Woods-Smith - OR Chair Frank Dixon - OR Vice Chair Jenny Greenleaf Wayne Kinney Pennsylvania Carol Ann Campbell Hon. Richard Donatucci William George Hon. Sophie Masloff DNC Members (cont'd) Rhode Island Vacant South Carolina Carol Fowler - SC Chair Wilbur Lee Jeffcoat - SC Vice Chair Hon. Gilda Cobb-Hunter South Dakota Vice Chair - Vacant Tennessee Gray Sasser - TN Chair Dr. Inez Crutchfield Texas Boyd Richie - TX Chair Roy LaVerne Brooks - TX Vice Chair Hon. Yvonne Davis Hon. Al Edwards Jaime Gonzalez Jr. John Patrick Betty Richie Bob Slagle Utah Wayne Holland Jr. - UT Chair Virginia Jim Leaman C Richard Cranwell Washington DC Anita Bonds - DC Chair Washington Dwight Pelz - WA Chair Eileen Macoll - WA Vice Chair Ed Cote Sharon Mast David McDonald West Virginia Nick Casey Jr. - WV Chair Belinda Biofore - WV Vice Chair Pat Maroney Wisconsin Lena Taylor - WI Vice Chair Jason Rae Melissa Schroeder Paula Zellner Joe Wineke Wyoming Nancy Drummond - WY Vice Chair Cynthia Nunley Democrats Abroad * Christine Marques - Chair Connie Borde Theresa Morelli DNC Leo Perez Minaya (DA)* Guam Antonio Charfauros - Chair Cecilia Mafnas - Vice Chair Taling Taitano Hon. Robert Underwood Puerto Rico Luisette Cabana - Vice Chair Virgin Islands Marylyn Stapleton - Vice Chair Carol Burke Kevin Rodriguez Members -At-Large Lu Battaglieri (MI) Joyce Brayboy (NC) Donna Brazile (DC) Hon. Maria Chappelle-Nadal (MO) Larry Cohen (DC) Ralph Dawson (NY) Kalyn Free (OK) John Gage (MD) Hon. Yvonne Gates (NV) Janice Griffin (MD) Hon. Alexis Herman (VA) Ben Jeffers (LA) Joe Johnson (VA) Belkis Leong-Hong (MD) Leon Lynch (PA) Robert Martinez (TX) Mona Mohib (DC) Jay Parmley (OK) Steve Powell (IL) Gail Rasmussen (OR) James Roosevelt Jr (MA) Eliseo Roques-Arroyo (PR) Richard Shoemaker (MI) Edward Smith (IL) John Sweeney (MD) Vernon Watkins (CA) Jerome Wiley Segovia (VA) Vacant -1 Vacant - 2 Former DNC Chairmen Roy Romer (CO) Bob Strauss (TX) Nat'l Conf. of Dem. Mayors Hon. Kwame Kilpatrick (MI) Vacant Dem. Assoc. of SoS Hon. Robin Carnahan (MO) Hon. Bill Bradbury (OR) Nat'l Assoc of Dem State Treasurers Dem. Leg. Campaign Comm. Hon. Joyce Beatty (OH) Mike Morgan (OK) Nat'l Dem. County Officials Oscar Soliz (TX) Nat'l Fed. of Dem. Women Virgie Rollins (MI) College Dems of America Lauren Wolfe (MI) Awais Khaleel (WI) Young Dems of America David Hardt (TX) Crystal Strait (CA) Dem Assoc. of Atty Gen. Hon. Catherine Cortez Masto (NV) Nat'l Dem Ethnic Coord. Comm. Christine Warnke (DC) Nat'l Dem. Seniors Coord. Comm. Vacant
by JeremyPA at 2/17/2008 8:29:48 AM

Anonymous said...

You mention the "silence" of Obama supporters on super delegates prior to their importance in the campaign but I did not hear hil supporters talking about them either. You sir are a hypocrite and should be ashamed.

Hillary will ruin this country even worse than W. OBAMA 08!

Anonymous said...

No, child, you should be ashamed. Dan never said that both parties were not discussing superdelegates early - they both were. The difference is that Obama did not call on them to surrender their judgment to the popular vote until after he had the lead in the popular vote. That, child, is hypocrisy, and Obama supporters, not Dan, are the guilty ones.

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