Friday, January 18, 2008

Romney the Flip Flopper

Mitt Romney, the guy who loves pharmaceutical companies because they sell drugs to Canadians for less than they sell to Americans, now that's a guy that should be President.

Remember him telling the citizens of Massachusetts that he was going to be more liberal than Ted Kennedy? How about this one, when he was speaking to Southern GOP conservatives about gay marriages in Massachusetts, Romney said "Some are actually having children born to them." Oh, no, not procreating!!

Thank goodness Romney's got Matt Blunt on his team!! The Democrats are blessed to have 3 great candidates for president. Go Edwards, Go Obama, Go Hillary.


Cory Geller said...

Yeah, Romney's campaign is a disaster. Did you see this recent episode in which an Associated Press reporter went on the attack and got him all flustered? The media is going to have a field day with him if he ends up being the Republican nominee.

whistleblower said...

The truth is...

The pharmaceutical companies charge what the market will bear. They charge more for drugs in the U.S. simply because they can.

Isn't that the same with most businesses?

If you work for someone else, you probably don’t understand why your boss can afford to give you a raise. If you own your company, and have employees, then you may understand how it is that you can afford to pay your employees more.

Sure the pharmaceutical companies make large profits. Those large profits also allow them to hire the best scientists and to invest in research facilities that may lead to a cure.

Since this was written by an attorney, I think it’s fair to place it back in your lap. Do attorneys charge the least amount they can to provide their services?

Maybe if the attorneys involved in the asbestos or tobacco litigation gave some of their large profits to the pharmaceutical companies, those companies could charge the citizens of this country less for their products.

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