Thursday, January 10, 2008

HOGS for Edwards

On my recent trip to Iowa to door knock for John Edwards, I managed to find a Hogs for Edwards bumper sticker in the Newton office. Newton is the union town which lost the Maytag plant to Mexico, which is why that office still had some but they were all out in every other Edwards' office

These were the most popular bumper stickers in Iowa. Edwards came out against corporate pig farms. Preserving the family farm from these monster septic pools is a pig deal in Iowa, and Missouri.

Representative Jeff Harris is going to sponsor a bill that will ensure local governments, like Clay and Platte Counties, can regulate CAFOS. Maybe there will be Hogs for Harris bumper stickers sprouting up in rural Missouri in this year's attorney general's race.

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Anonymous said...

How come Kris K. Koster is so in favor of big corporations spillng pig shit all across rural Missouri? That must explain what is in that big lake at Loch Lloyd and why the fairways are so darn green.