Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blunt Still Kicked 100,000 folks off Medicaid

Last night in the State of the State address, Governor Blunt talked about restoring health care to "some of" the 100,000 folks he kicked off Medicaid.

Blunt introduced a new government program called Insure Missouri, that does not get those 100,000 people out of extremely expensive emergency rooms. Pro Vote has set up a web site to give real Missourians a chance protest this politically opportunistic health care plan by Blunt. Go check it out.

Families USA, a non-profit from DC, has reviewed the plan and issued a report. The well reasoned report says that too many Missourians are left out, the cost shifting to consumers is too high and the coverage is too low. Sounds like much of the rest of the Blunt administration!

Don't be fooled. If you kick 100,000 people off and then let 10,000 half way back on, there is still a bunch of sick Missourians going to emergency rooms. Jay Nixon has a specific plan to restore health care to the sickest and poorest of Missourians. Go, Jay, Go.


Anonymous said...

"A liberal is someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money." -G. Gordon Liddy

Have we ever once decided to put our money where our mouth is?

Why don't we gather the rest of the progressive people in this state, and just once collect the money to cover the expense?

If my neighbor won't chip in to fix our shared drive; do I just keep breaking the axle on my truck? Hell no! I fix it myself.

Now that's leading by example.

Anonymous said...

Strange - didn't Koster vote with Matt Blunt to kick 100,000 people off Medicaid?