Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Claire Stumps for Barack

Sen. Claire McCaskill is going to the mat for Barack. Here's the email seeking volunteers.

This year, we can nominate a presidential candidate who will turn the page on the same old Washington politics -- a leader who will unite Americans to make progress. Barack Obama is that candidate. From his time as a community organizer working with churches in Chicago to his service in the U.S. Senate, Barack has shown the ability to unite Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans around a common vision for our country.

And, as we saw in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, America is hungry for a different kind of politics. Join me in supporting Barack Obama for president. Volunteer for Barack in Missouri and help grow this movement for change:


I have seen first-hand the power that a grassroots movement can have in Missouri. In 2006, I was able to beat Jim Talent thanks to the overwhelming support of ordinary citizens who came together and organized in their communities.

Some of the most exciting events in that race happened when Senator Obama joined me for rallies in St. Louis and Kansas City. Those were amazing experiences, and they brought together activists and volunteers whose efforts shifted the balance in the final stretch.

That's precisely the effect Barack can have again in 2008. Polls have shown that Barack is the only Democrat who can beat every single Republican candidate and win in every part of the country -- including right here in Missouri. Let's turn that enthusiasm into action. Sign up to volunteer for Barack here in Missouri:


A leader like this comes around once in a generation, and our great country should not miss this opportunity. Barack's intellect and his ability to bring people together are what we desperately need at this moment in history. Please join me in helping Barack,

Senator Claire McCaskill


Phil Cardarella said...

Sen. Obama is a vey eloquent speaker, as is Sen. Edwards. HRC not so much.

But this is not the finals in the National Forensic League Oratory Contest. It does well to remember that a dull McKinley beat William Jennings Bryan and a monotonous Nixon beat both Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern -- both of whom were quite eloquent and passionate.

I worry that -- once the passion of the moment subsides and the Republican Mud Machines rev up their swiftboat engines (in September, when the 98% non-political-junkies begin to pay attention) -- Obama will be hard pressed to carry states like Missouri against a McCain.

A lot of people failed Al Gore -- and this country -- in 2000 by thinking with their emotions and voting for Nader. We are still living with the terrible consequences of their allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good in that race. I fear that nominating Obama -- who is, after all, a first term senator -- would be a wonderful gesture but a difficult candidate to elect, and one with very short coattails in Congressional & State races.

I have the highest respect for our Senator, but I must respectfully disagree with her political analysis on this one.

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