Friday, January 25, 2008

Good to be a Democrat

From an email that I got from the chairman of the Missouri Democratic Party:

It's a good day to be a Democrat in Missouri. Here are some reasons why:

While the Republicans embark on what looks like a nasty and expensive primary, we're proud to have a candidate in Jay Nixon that everyone can unite behind. The Republicans will spend the next few months spending money attacking each other instead of Democrats. Meanwhile, Jay Nixon will continue traveling the state, talking to Missouri families about the challenges they face and offering common-sense solutions.

None of the would-be Republican candidates have the statewide name recognition, statewide political organization or statewide fundraising base that Jay Nixon has built over the past few years.

All of the would-be Republican candidates have been part of the problem. Each candidate has either been lock-step with Matt Blunt in Missouri or with George W. Bush in Washington. Missourians are ready for change, and they know that change will only happen by electing a candidate with fundamentally different priorities - and that's Jay Nixon.

The Republicans have lost the power of incumbency. No matter how unpopular that incumbent may be, the advantages of incumbency were formidable, particularly when it comes to name recognition, fundraising and the ability to generate press. That advantage for the Republicans has now vanished.

Here's hoping the Republicans get a 3 way primary for governor. Nixon is going to be a great governor.

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