Monday, January 14, 2008

Koster Picks Up Union Endorsement

Koster picks up another endorsement in his bid for AG - looks like the unions are splitting between Harris and Koster.


Unanimous support from 4000- member Springfield Building and Construction Trades Council

SPRINGFIELD, MO – Citing his ten years experience in the Cass County Prosecutor’s office and his commitment to championing Missouri’s working families, the Springfield Building and Construction Trades Council has endorsed State Senator Chris Koster for Missouri Attorney General. Koster received a unanimous vote by the Springfield delegates.

“After watching your work to fight prevailing wage violations and expand workers’ compensation benefits over the years, I am confident that you will work for the betterment of Missouri’s workers,” said Jim Tyson, President.

“I am proud to stand with the men and women of the Building and Construction Trades Unions and I am honored to have the support of those workers who build Missouri,” said Koster. “Throughout my career in public service, I have worked to bring people together and get things done. As Attorney General, I will protect Missouri’s workers against those who would violate their rights on the job. The Attorney General’s office is where that protection begins.”

“Senator Koster has shown that his commitment to organized labor is unwavering and no one knows as well as building and construction trades unions in our state of Missouri how important it is to have a strong Attorney General who will fight for workers’ rights,” said Tyson

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Anonymous said...

I am sure Koster will get the chance to prove he's a Democrat in the Missouri senate.

Koster led the charge to call the PQ (previous question) when Jolie Justus was filibustering the MOHEALA cluster. Check out Sen. Justus' blog called Freshmeat for a discussion of how rare - and nasty - calling the PQ is in the Missouri Senate. Koster didn't call the PQ on Matt Bartle when he was filibustering the appointment of Kit Bond's former chief of staff, Warren Erdman, to the Missouri Board of Curators. Bartle was filibustering because Erdman was pro-stem cell. Koster is pro-stem cell. Why not call the PQ on his office mate Matt Bartle? Maybe because Matt Bartle, Jeff Roe and Chris Koster were all best friends.

Koster wants to prove he's a Democrat, filibuster a Republican bill. A few other things include:

- Sign on the Justus' state earned income tax credit bill.

- Sponsor a bill to put 100,000 of our poorest back on the health care rolls (even Senator Rob Mayer (R - Dexter) didn't vote for that).

- How about telling Farm Bureau to stick it, he now thinks Clay & Platte Counties should be able to keep corporate pig farms out.

- Take some of his money and sponsor a few Democratic clubs. The Jackson County Democratic Committee needs some cash.

- Write a letter to Doug Harpool, the Democratic senate candidate in Springfield, saying "I'm sorry." Koster went down there and fundraised for Sen. Norma Champion in one of the the narrowist races in the state.

- Tell Gov. Mel Carnahan's wife he is sorry for endorsing John Ashcroft.

- Max out to some Democratic candidates for state rep in Cass County. If Koster isn't returning right wing Rex's $100,000, he should use it to help Democrats.