Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nolte (R) v. Stone (D) - 33rd - look for a great race

Terry Nolte (R - 33rd) is looking at a good quarterly report (as opposed to some other Republican state representatives in close races). He went out and raised $12,000 from PACs and Republican election committees.

Rep. Nolte knows he is in for a battle. He followed Gov. Blunt around Jefferson City, and we all know how unpopular Blunt is after he kicked 100,000 people off health care. Nolte barely beat Terry Stone by 76 votes in 2006.

Nolte raised $4,800 this quarter. That is the wonderful power of the incumbency. Check out Stone's report, it is filled with Clay County residents donating $25 and $30 (yes, there's a few checks for the state max of $325).

The 33rd is a battle for the control of the Missouri House. The Republicans have to keep swing suburban districts like this one. The Democrats must take this one back to regain control of the House. The battle ground is in Clay County. Let the best candidate (who talks about the issues of education, health care and immigration and works the hardest) win.

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