Friday, October 5, 2007

Secret Email, Illegal Immigrants and the Legacy of Blunt

Matt Blunt is shaping up his legacy - kicking the sick and the poor off health care insurance, secret emails and companies that hire illegal immigrants get kick tax breaks.

First Matt Blunt says his emails are deleted and that they are not public records. Then Ed Martin at an MHDC meeting starts talking about "a bunch of Mexicans" when discussing contractors that employ illegal immigrants. After complaining about the racist remarks, a Hispanic employee of the MHDC resigns under pressure. Next thing you know, some folks on the MHDC attempt to takes tax credits taken away from a contractor/developer named Hennesy for employing illegal aliens. According to Gone Mild, Ed Martin, speaking on behalf of the Governor, simply gets off the phone to stop the vote. Then, according to a video posted on Blue Blog, Blunt starts dancing around the issue of whether he has any responsibility for the crazy move of allowing contractors keep state tax breaks if they hire illegal immigrants.

One area that the media has muddled is the multiple contractors/developers at play at the MHDC. One vote at MHDC was about a developer/contractor named Hennesy that continues to employ illegal immigrants. Republicans and Democrats alike on MHDC supported pulling the tax credits, but with Ed Martin, Blunt's chief, getting off the phone, not enough votes existed to pass the resolution pulling the credits.

The other developer/contractor is Gundracker. He's guy that fired a Texas subcontractor using illegal immigrants and then went to the MHDC asking for more tax credits because he had to comply with the law and employ real to life Americans.

You know what fixes this - using union labor. You don't hear about JE Dunn getting caught with illegal immigrants on the job, because they use union labor. Imagine that, a world where a super rich Republican like Dunn can pay people a living wage and employ Americans. Almost sounds patriotic.


Anonymous said...

Just for clarification purposes on the facts:

1. Vote was 4-2 on the tax credits and MHDC requires six commissioners to vote for/against an issue for it to pass/fail. Add a vote from the Governor for and you would still not have enough votes.

2. Gundaker not Gundraker. It is a company and not an individual.

3. There are dozens of contractors doing dozens of development projects throughout the state doing business with MHDC, including J.E. Dunn. Many employ union labor, many do not. About the same as commercial and residential development without subsidies.

Stephen Bough said...

Very intelligent insights. If there are 8 commissioners on the MHDC, who else was missing?

Anonymous said...

Poorly written article!

English must be Stephen Bough’s second language. Read the article again. I looks like a p-o’d drunk wrote it at 3 AM.

Ed Martin’s statement was published on Mr. Martin said; “"I'll tell you what's available, is every frigging developer can figure out who is illegal, and when he says — like he told them — there's a bunch of Mexicans out there, I guess some of them are probably not legal."

Considering the current estimates of over 20 million illegal Mexicans in the United States, I would not find it unreasonable to say that there are a bunch of Mexicans out there, and some of them are probably not legal.

The comments posted by “anonymous” on Oct. 5th at 1:11 PM are not insight, they are fact. After reading many of Stephen Bough’s articles, it is clear that Stephen Bough does not know what fact is, or what a reliable source is. The supporting links for his statements predominantly point to other blogs. If you can’t find a neutral source to support your statements, just say so.

Jim Torres, the MHDC employee that Mr. Bough said was fired, was not fired, he resigned. Hi resignation letter stated; "I am resigning my position at MHDC efective [sic] September 20, 2007. It has been a privilege for me to serve as the Legislative Liaison and or Commission Secretary for the last 12 years. Sincerely, Jim Torres." The preceding quote is from one of Mr. Bough’s previous post.

Mr. Bough asked “anonymous” which commissioner was missing from the vote. It doesn’t matter. Six must agree, and six did not agree. Who voted how should not be disclosed.

If you like unions so much, maybe you should push for the American Bar Association to be unionized.

Go ahead, be a liberal “progressive” blog, but do it by citing the facts.

Leopards don’t change their spots, and neither does Stephen Bough. Mr. Bough will distort the truth, use unreliable sources, and lie in order to achieve the results that he desires. Prospective clients should be aware of this. If he lies to the court, this is known as “fraud upon the court”. It would be reasonable to surmise that if Mr. Bough will lie to his readers, that he would also lie to the court. When fraud upon the court exists the judgment is void, not voidable, but void. Your time and money are all for nothing as you will not be able to collect on a void judgment.

Stephen Bough said...

God Bless the 1st Amendment and the right to hide behind an "anonymous" post.

whistleblower said...


Now that was in insightful post!

I did take note that Stephen did not attempt to defend himself.

Could it be that you are on to something?

Anonymous said...

Nope. Just too stupid to reply to.

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