Monday, October 8, 2007

Support Voters Deciding the Smoking Ban

City Council is going to decide whether or not to put Beth Gottstein's proposal to allow voters to decide on the smoking ban to a vote this week. They need to hear from voters.

Here's the easiest way to get them and

I emailed this letter earlier today

I write to you to express my support for Ordinance 071066, sponsored by Councilwoman Beth Gottstein.

This Ordinance does nothing more than take this hotly charged issue and put a smoking ban in front of the voters. These are the voters that elected you, so we must have a little wisdom. Give us voters the chance to decide this one.

If given the chance, I will be voting for the smoking ban. Even tobacco companies have given up arguing that second hand smoke isn't bad for people. Now we hear about property rights, freedoms and a host of other arguments on why people should be able to spread cancerous smoke to innocent bystanders. If someone wants to smoke at the airport, let them go to the smoking room or outside. That option is not available in many public places, including restaurants. The end of time will not come; people still eat at restaurants in Chicago, New York City and California.

Smoking kills people and I don't want to expose my children to second hand smoke. Adults can do what they want in their homes. Please allow the voters to decide this issue.

Here's a link to a great poster that says "A non-smoking section in a restaurant is like a non-urinating section in a swimming pool." Pretty clever.


Phil Cardarella said...

Love Beth. Hate Smoke.

(In fact, the most obnoxious guy I know is often smoking a huge, stinking cigar -- but that is still his best quality.)

But... We must respectfully agree to disagree on the idea of a legal ban on smoking in all bars & casinos. I don't care if anyone ever goes to a casino -- gambling was less harmful to society when the Mob ran it. But it makes no sense to simply put the casinos in KC at such a disadvantage. I'm too old to hang out a bars, but the same applies.

Not every perceived problem requires a legislative solution. And sometimes the majority should mind it's own business. If patrons truly do not want to go to a smoky place, the owners will get the message and effectively segregate or ban smoking.

Besides, none of our kids belongs in bars or casinos.

Stephen Bough said...

What about Governor Stumpy's Bar & Grill at Gregory & Oak. Love the place, love Kevin (the owner). Is it a bar? They have kid's menus, does that mean no smoking?

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