Friday, October 12, 2007

State Wide Candidate Wrap Up

Going into the weekend, just a quick wrap up of state wide candidates:

Gov: Jackson will not run against Blunt (too, bad.)

AG - on the Republican side, Catherine Hanaway won't run, giving Mike Gibbons a clear shot at the Republican nomination. Democratic side - Koster is rumored to announce his Democratic candidacy in the next couple of weeks. Koster may also have $1 million on hand. Donnelly announced her supporters, including local state reps Beth Low, Jennee Lowe & Kiki Curls. Harris' wife had a baby and they are rumored to have a good quarterly report.

Lt. Gov. - Dr. Sam Page is the first to have in his report. Page’s report shows that he’d raised $127,512 for the quarter ($503,480 total), spent $77,084 ($150,774 total), with $350,547 in the bank.

SOS - No one dares to mess with this Carnahan


Anonymous said...

Heard Donnelly was going to have a big quarter, too.

AT said...

hope she didnt raise her money the same way Koster did.

Anonymous said...

The million is without Koster returning the half million to the Unions.

JK said...

If Koster is really a Democrat now, why wont he return the money. He needs to quit riding the tails of Blunt and the GOP. Give Stowers back his $250,000.

Anonymous said...

I'll be impressed if Harris has a good quarter. Not because he's a bad candidate (I think he's going to win), but having a baby born will take a lot of time out of your schedule. Considering that, if he raises anything near $100k I think that should be considered a success.