Monday, October 29, 2007

Blunt's Secret Emails Result in Firing of Counsel

This blog, and many other blogs and traditional news sources, have been highlighting Blunt's administration with secret emails. The saga continues.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch confirmed with Scott Eckersley that he was fired by Blunt and Ed Martin for his opinions that government emails are public records. "I believed I was fired for pointing to written office policy which ... contradicted how the office was handling record requests," Eckersley said. Seems that the Blunt administration has been monitoring Eckersley personal email account even after he was fired.

Eckersley said his attorneys will look into how Blunt staffers monitored his e-mail account, and other issues related to his firing. He has hired Steve Garner, a lawyer with the politically prominent Strong Law firm based in Springfield, Mo. Also assisting is lawyer Chip Robertson, a former chief justice on the Missouri Supreme Court. These two lawyers are very intelligent and very successful (one even happens to be a Republican who was appointed to the Supreme Court by Ashcroft).

Blog World is hopping. FiredUp asks this question "Did Scott Eckersley advise the governor or Ed Martin (or both) that the actions of the governor's office violated written policy on records retention?"

Blue Blog is continuing their call for Ed Martin to be fired for these actions and for Governor Blunt to ask for the Attorney General's Office to open a full investigation into these matters, with complete cooperation by all Blunt staffers.

All I got to add is this letter I got from Eckersley politely telling me he got my Sunshine request and he would respond. While I ultimately got a response from Henry Herschel, it would have been nice to see what Eckersley would have produced.


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