Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not Fraudulent?

Ok, we all get the idea of separate committees. Both parties have used them with varying degrees of plausable deniability and embarrassment.

BUT.... When there is only one contributor to 100 newly formed committees, all of whom contribute the same amount to the same candidate, it is pretty obvious that someone is working a fraud on the election process.

Koster should do the right -- if painful -- thing and return the money with a polite "No, thank you." After all, he is running for AG, and even if this is technically legal it does not pass the smell test. Not for a Democrat.


the nitwit said...

Yeah. Nothing like seeing a candidate for the top law enforcement office skirting the law. Then again, it's not much worse than seeing someone who claims to be a "Democrat" paying Jeff Roe.

Anonymous said...

If a candidate only takes money from donors he agrees with then he's selling a yes vote.

Candidates should take money from everyone and everywhere if they want to win, then vote in the interest of their constituents.

Until we have public funded campaigns, how can you smell only one candidate when the entire system is rotten?

Dan said...

When he profits from 100 committees set up to skirt the law, that's how.

whistleblower said...

Why do people refer to the AG as the top law enforcement office? DO people really not understand the difference?

The AG is supposed to protect the interests of this State and defend the laws of this State.

Why did they ever decide to make the AG an elected official? That is an office that should be as non-partisan as any court.