Friday, September 28, 2007

Values = don't discriminate

Usually I get excited, frustrated (fill in the blank) about political stuff and post on this blog. Occasionally, I do silly things like write letters to the editor. This one was published in the KC Star this morning:

I would like to applaud The Star's Editorial Board for supporting the passage of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (9/24 editorial) .

Opponents of this legislation speak of the alleged horrors of gay marriage, preachers being sued and the end of times. The reality is that this bill has nothing to do with marriage, and it provides protection for religious communities that take issue with homosexuality.

The mantra of the civil rights era was to judge a person on character, and not on the basis of preconceived notions about certain groups. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act continues on that great tradition.

My wife and I were proud of Emanuel Cleaver, who spoke in favor of this bill. The only ordained minister of either party in all of the House and Senate, Cleaver, asked "how protecting an individual's right to pursue a job on an equal playing field with equal consideration is promoting homosexuality and hurting the values within their family."

Treating all Americans as equals does not hurt my family.

Allowing all people to compete for employment based on their merits is about as American as cherry pie.

Congrats to Congressman Cleaver for being a strong advocate for equal justice for all.

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