Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Graves Votes to Support Dogfighters Like Vick

Everyone hates dog fights, especially the dogs. The public outcry over Michael Vick and his dog fighting operation is entirely justified.

Everyone, but Congressman Sam Graves. The Humane Society organized a protest outside of Graves office in Liberty (where Jeff Roe is the democratically elected auditor). Graves voted against the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act, the majority of Republicans voted for this bill. Even President Bush signed this law.

What is Sam doing besides listening to Jeff Roe? Both are out of touch with the nation and N.W. Missouri farmers. Time to elect Kay Barnes.


Phil Cardarella said...

OK, everybody (sane) is against dog-fighting. Also chicken-fighting. And I'm not that big a fan of boxing.

That is true even if the dogs are bred to like doing it -- as these are. Or the chickens.

However, not everything distasteful needs to be the subject of Federal criminal prosecution. Our emotional response to the Vick case demonstrates two things: First, we find it difficult to distinguish between faithful Ol' Yeller and a vicious killing machine that would likely eat your child, i.e. a real pit bull. Second, we are easiy distracted from real issues like Iraq and the Justice Department scandal by the combination of celebrity (Vick) and "pets".

Locking Vick up with a few of his hungry dogs might be justice. But this case is just diversion. And, given all the bad votes Graves has made that could rightly be called cruelty to humans, cruelty to pit bulls is one of the least reasons to replace him. On a long list.

porchpundit said...

Sorry, but sometimes genteel language must be thrown aside for the purpose of clarity:

Cocks fight and chickens lay.

It had to be said otherwise we invite the intelligent design crowd to come in and take liberties with the scientific method.

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