Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Supreme Court Musings

Gov. Matt Blunt pulled the trigger on the Supreme Court. He appointed Court of Appeals Judge Patricia Breckenridge, with only a minor slap in the face.

Blunt said she was "the best candidate of the three candidates submitted to me." You know what, neither Bond nor Ashcroft when appointing Breckenridge to judgeships back-handed her like that. She is smart, qualified and deserving. She's a R, I'm a D, but as an advocate of good government I am proud that the Missouri Nonpartisan Court Plan worked well, ONCE AGAIN. It worked for Ashcroft, Blunt, Carnahan and Holden; why is it only broken for Blunt? Maybe because Blunt doesn't understand that everything isn't supposed to be partisan. Blunt said "I believe that Judge Breckenridge can improve the Missouri Supreme Court by replacing one of its most liberal members." Who said it needs improving? If it does, it will be because of intellectual fairness and protecting the Constitution, not by appointments of partisan conservatives (which, Breckenridge is not)

It is important to note that this was a fight started by Matt Blunt and Jeff Roe and financed by folks who want to purchase justice.. Jeff Roe took out Judge Brown in Cole County and this movement grew wings. The opposition is not Democrats. Blunt/Roe's opposition are people who want fair judges, people who want good government (i.e. good Americans, both R & D). Jeff Roe's Missouri Political News Service says Judge Breckenridge is "the best choice with a poor system." OUCH!! The Adam Smith Foundation says she takes "her post on the Supreme Court under a cloud of doubt." BAMMM! Ultra-conservative groups are beating on Blunt stating "Gov. Blunt has evidently caved in and decided to abide by that very process. Too many politicians have suffered the fate of trying to have issues both ways, and this may be the final strike for Gov. Blunt." ZINGGG!

The group that formed to defend our justice system - www.protectjustice.com - has both R's and D's. Chip Robertson was an Ashcroft appointee to the Supreme Court and issued this statement:

Missourians for Fair and Impartial Courts applaud the governor for upholding his duty and exercising his prerogatives under the constitution.

Gov. Blunt has demonstrated his allegiance to the Missouri constitution and to Missouri’s 70-year history of leading the nation in selecting judges according to a nonpartisan selection method. The Governor took an oath to uphold the Missouri constitution and he has upheld that oath by selecting one of the Supreme Court nominees from a panel put forth by the Appellate Judicial Commission.

Well, that's an olive branch. I love a conspiracy, but I can't make sense of this. Republicans attacking Blunt for appointing a Republican. You can bet this only helps out Attorney General Jay Nixon. Let's just hope that the Republican representative who work at Shook Hardy & Bacon (Rep. Pratt and Yates) realize that this is a dead issue and they do not attempt to amend the Missouri Constitution.


Anonymous said...

It is sad. The problem is Blunt's low approval rating. The fix is nasty politics, attacking judges (who ethically can't fight back) and knowing that lawyers don't usually get engaged in politics (the vast majority of lawyers avoid politics, besides plaintiff's trial attorneys).

Look, Lathrop rented space to Jeff Roe and set up the Adam Smith Foundation corporate papers. Shook employs Pratt & Yates, who vote to gut the Missouri Plan. The big corporate firms (besides Blackwell Sanders, where Dale Youngs is the president of Missouri Institute for Justice) don't care about the Missouri Plan. They care about thier fee paying clients, and the clients believe and support the Chamber.

What the Chamber idiots don't understand is what if Bob Holden appointed a bunch of chamber haters to the bench who were unqualified, but party hacks? The MO Plan prevents that from happening. What kind of justice do you then get on your breach of contract claim? What goes around comes around.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Roe promised that he would stay involved in judicial campaigns at the KCMBA Bench Bar Conference. He ain't going away.

Anonymous said...

Blunt simply needs to reward his donors with high level appointments such as fee offices, CPS $100,000 jobs and appointments to the MHTC.

Todd Graves' wife got a fee office, Lathrop was involved in setting up the fee office scheme. Sam Graves employs Jeff Roe. Jeff Roe still works out of Lathrop's space, Sam Graves treasurer is at Lathrop, Adam Smith Foundation was started at Lathrop.

Anonymous said...

Judge Breckenridge served with distinction on the Court of Appeals, applying the existing law, and volunteered at Operation Breakthrough. Thank goodness the commission put up someone who was more than qualified, even if she was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Any word if Pat McLarney is going to get Pratt & Yates to have principle over politics? McLarney spends his time in Jefferson City defending the Missouri Plan. Pratt & Yates - his employees - spend thier time in Jefferson City dismanteling the Missouri Plan.

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