Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Border War Continues - Blunt and Republicans Screw Up Tax Code

In the latest of the ongoing nightmare of Blunt and Senate Republicans screwing with tax policy, it looks like the Kansas Legislature has recruited KS Attorney General Paul Morrison (D) into the fight and Missouri is going to get sued in federal court.

As a refresher, Senate Republicans sneaked into a bill an item that increased by $11 million dollars the taxes on out of state workers. Basically, KS residents who work in Missouri and file Missouri tax returns could not deduct other taxes they have paid, according to the KC Star. Don't get me wrong, as an MU season ticket holder, I like to kick the Jayhawks around as much as possible. Tit-for-tat tax wars, however, is a waste of time.

Here's the embarrassment. First, Matt Blunt says he doesn't care about other states and Kansas Republican Rep. Kenny Wilk says “That’s just an example of Governor Blunt’s youth and immaturity on full display,” Next, Sebilius writes to Blunt asking him to fix it. Then Blunt says he wants to fix it, but doesn't include it in the special session where he just gave away $67 million in tax breaks for developers. Rep. Mike Talboy (D-Mo) did all he could do to get this tax problem fixed in special session, but Blunt didn't care.

This is another sad example of why Matt Blunt and his lack of leadership and inability to get things done is hurting Missouri. Blunt ineffectiveness is causing Missouri to get sued. We need someone with some leadership ability, someone like Jay Nixon.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Matt Blunt pledge not to raise taxes? Isn't he failing to keep a promise? Where did this tax fall under the Hancock Amendment?

Anonymous said...

From Blunt's web site, he promises to hold "the line on job-killing tax increases."

What the Hell, Gov. Blunt? Not that we like Johnnson County, but thousands of people drive over to KC every day, buy lunch and pay 1% earnings taxes to KC MO. Then they eat dinner on the Plaza, shop at Halls or drink a beer at the Peanut.

Anonymous said...

"Senate Republicans sneaked into a bill an item that increased"

Didn't Joan Bray introduce the amendment that ultimately passed in the bill?

craig said...

This amazes me. We finally found a tax that liberals don't like.

Mark your calenders.

Anonymous said...

What has Matt done to fix this problem?