Thursday, September 27, 2007

Republicans Want to Change the Rules and then Bite you in the Butt

Don't like the rules, change 'em. Like a girl, bite her in the butt. Those, my friends, are Republican values.

You will recall that there is a move afoot in California to change the way the electoral college works to benefit Republicans. California, like Missouri, has a winner take all approach. Republicans don't want to go to a popular vote, because that assures Al Gore the presidency. Well, this nasty, undemocratic attack has its roots right in River City!! OK, its really Chep Hurth III in Union, Missouri with Take Initiative America . Watch out girls - he's a Republican values kind of guy - he likes to bit girls on the butt (no, I'm not kidding).

Kudos to Blue Blog for breaking this story in Missouri Blogosphere. The Sacramento Bee is writing some less than nice stuff about these Missouri Republicans. Californians want to know who is bankrolling this attack.
Kevin Eckery, a spokesman for the initiative campaign, was traveling Monday and said he did not know who had donated the money to the group."That's all the information I have," said Eckery, who added that the campaign had disclosed "everything we need to."

The San Francisco Chronicle is also beating them up.
Until this week, Missouri attorney Charles "Chep" Hurth III was best known for a headline-grabbing incident a decade ago in which he bit a young female law student on the butt in a bar. Hurth, then a third-year law student at St. Louis University, was taken to court by a young woman who said he grabbed her in a bar and bit her on the buttocks so hard she required medical attention - then laughed and high-fived his friends.

Hurth testified that he had told her she should take it as a compliment.

The female attorney sued him and took something else instead - a jury's award of $27,500 for damages.

Blogshere is alive with humor. How about this zinger "The GOP breathes a sign of relief - at least he bit a woman's ass. And it wasn't in the bathroom."

Chep is the city attorny for New Haven, Missouri. You can email them


Phil Cardarella said...

This is very unusual behavior for the GOP -- trying to steal an election legally. Usually they are much more underhanded and sneaky.

Stephen Bough said...

The LA Times is reporting trouble in the latest effort by the GOP to destroy our democracy.,0,507304.story

sophia said...


I'm still waiting for your Britney Spears coverage. Come on, now... don't hold back.

Stephen Bough said...

The update from the Post - the money came from a Rudy supporter!!

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