Friday, September 14, 2007

No Way Out

"No Way Out" is a film must-see for anyone who loves this Country -- and would like to see how we got into a war of choice, and ran it so badly. Take a Republican friend. Go easy on the popcorn, because this may make you sick. The indictment of these fools comes from the lips of their own guys: Gen Jay Gardner and Asst. Sec. of State Richard Armitage (who must know where every body in DC is buried, to speak so frankly and still keep his job).

What we did to that poor country is criminal in both the moral and legal senses of the word. What we did to our own soldiers is as bad. Four thousand dead troops and an army shattered. Custer took better care of his men. I will never understand how W or Chaney can go to a VFW convention and not get booed -- or tarred & feathered!

Jay Bremer could conduct a seminar on How to Start an Anti-American Insurgency. And you just want to ask Colin Powell "What price honor?"

This Administration better hope the atheists are right, or they will be spending a long time with Osama in some very warm digs.

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