Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Washington Post Calls Mayor Barnes a Winner

The Washington Post did an article on the winners and losers in the recent fundraising quarter.

The bi-partisan group of winners included former Congressman and runner Jim Ryun (R) running against Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (D). Our own Mayor Kay Barnes - a member of the CCP back when she ran for the Jackson County Legislature - is also a winner. Congrats Kay!!

I guess if Barnes is a winner in the fundraising race, that makes Congressman Grave and his hatchet man, Jeff Roe, losers. What surprises me is that Jeff Roe extracts money from his other clients (Bartle, Koster, etc.) to support the losing bids of his current clients (Chris Byrd for City Council and the failed mayoral bid of Becky Nace). Chris Byrd’s campaign address was identical to Jeff Roe’s company’s (Axiom) address (which is 2345 Grand), according to Koster’s MEC filing when he gave $500. Where's the love for Sam Graves? Is it because Jeff Roe's attack politics on the independent & neutral judiciary and universal good guy Rev. Cleaver have gone too far?


mainstream said...

Stephen, we shouldn't hex Kay with our bravado. There are numerous examples of funding winners at the same time being election losers.

I have a specific example of that, but I'll wait to bring that up until your next Kander post.

Stephen Bough said...

Good point - we need to keep the good vibes flowing.

It's Dan that is pushing Kander. I am going to make an attempt not to push my views on primary candidates on the CCP. I may stumble, but that is my goal. Hold me to it and I will look forward to you dinging Dan on his next Kander post.

the nitwit said...

I'm genuinely excited about the Barnes numbers, and I'm hopeful about what it means for this race. Graves has been an absolute joke in Congress -- as bad as Talent. In other words, he's not as bad as Todd Aiken, but he's sure as hell no Ike Skelton either.

Glad to see the CCP being supportive. Hopefully other local blogs will start following suit.

Anonymous said...

When is lathrop and gage going to stop being a front for Jeff roe?? It almost sinks to the level of a "maf.." front. He subleaes from Lathrop, he is part of their phone system and look at Graves'lastest financial disclosure. Graves has to reimburse Lathrop for long distance calls. Does terry brady run the firm and no sense of decency is left. Roe attacks the Missouri Plan from inside THAT law firm??????????

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