Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harris for AG reports $300,000

The reporting period for the first six months of 2007 is coming due and some early birds are reporting they got the worm.

Jeff Harris, the only declared candidate for the Democratic nod for Missouri Attorney General, is reporting $300,000 on hand at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2007. There are at least 3 Republicans (Koster, Hanaway & Gibbons) going for the Republican nomination. The Republicans will have to spend every penny destorying each other before running against Jeff Harris. Jeff currently serves as a state representative from Boone County and is the minority leader in the Missouri House. The $300,000 represents that Democrats from around the state are excited about Jeff's campaign.

Check out to track who is supporting your favorite (or least favorite) candidates.


the nitwit said...

Wow. I'm not expert, but that sounds like a pretty good haul.

Anonymous said...

That's some pretty good work from Harris' team. And to think...Harris didn't even have to loan that $300K to himself like someone else in the attorney general race.

Dan said...

I took a look at the donors, and they come from all over the state. I hope that any Democrats who are thinking of hopping into the race rethink their options. I'd love to see that $300k go toward burying a Republican rather than fending off a Democrat.

the nitwit said...

Also just saw that Margaret Donnelly raised a whopping $6,500 last quarter. I really hope for the Democrats sake that she realizes she's a day late and $293,500 short to get in the race.

Anonymous said...

while I may agree with the nitwits sentiment, Donnelly has yet to announce or begin fundraising for the AG's race. If she decides to run, her current bank account has little to say about her chances for success.

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