Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jeff Roe Breaks Missouri Supreme Court Rules

We teach our kids to follow the rules. Jeff Roe must not have picked up on this idea.

Jeff Roe's blog, the Source, "leaked" the names of folks who applied for the Supreme Court. He knows it violated Missouri Supreme Court rules because Roe refuses to identify "VERY RELIABLE SOURCE." To make it even more embarrassing, he has reduce the highest court in Missouri to a sweet 16 bracket and encouraged betting on the outcome - complete with a $50 prize. Is this what we want our state to look like? Is this what the lawyer/Republican politicians who employ Jeff Roe envision for our state?

Missouri Supreme Court Rule 10.28 bars revealing the names of lawyers who have applied for the Supreme Court. Why - "No publicity shall be given by the commission of the names of persons under consideration for nomination for the reason that such publicity would tend to keep well qualified lawyers from permitting themselves to be considered and might encourage unqualified persons to enter their names to obtain public notice." We don't want publicity hounds to throw their name in the hat. We do want highly qualified candidates to apply without fear of their legal practice being shut down because they might make the Supreme Court.

Applying to the Supreme Court is not a zoo, it is a big deal. President Bush doesn't reveal everyone he considered for the Supreme Court, because this is a highly dignified office. Turning it into a betting pool is not what we teach our children in civics classes.

Jeff Roe works at or rents from the law firm of Lathrop & Gage. They share the address of 2345 Grand. Jeff Roe has an internal phone number with Lathrop & Gage. Roe’s role there is unclear, but he has use of the L & G postage meter. On Congressman Sam Graves’ financial disclosure, he reimburses L & G for phone charges. Sam Graves for Congress is headquartered at L & G and has the same address. The treasurer for Graves is a L & G lawyer.

Lathrop & Gage is a proud firm with an impressive list of clients. One of the members of the Missouri Supreme Court was Lathrop partner appointed by then Governor Ashcroft. One of the Jackson County Circuit judges was a Lathrop attorney appointed by a Democratic governor.
Jeff Roe doesn't want a neutral judiciary, he wants one where he can get paid to run a million dollar campaign like they do in Texas and Illinois. This is embarrassing.


sophia said...

Do you think Lathrop should be sanctioned in some way by the disciplinary committee? They're the ones bound by the rules, not Roe. (Unless he's an attorney, which I don't think he is).

Anonymous said...

Why the hell would Lathrop lawyers want to be associated with Jeff Roe? It can't be good for thier clients to have Jeff Roe attacking judges. Don't you hire lawyers to be effective advocates? Wouldn't think that is very effective.

Anonymous said...

Three lawyers that have employed Jeff Roe are Rep. Bryan Pratt, Sen. Chris Koster and Sen. Matt Bartle. Rumor is Koster, after getting $125,000 from Stowers, paid Axiom and Roe $10,000. Shortly thereafter, Roe put up a billboard in Jefferson City attacking Supreme Court Judge Stith for being an activist.

Anonymous said...

After Roe got sued for saying a Republican was drunk when there was a car wreck but the cops said that wasn't true, Roe must have decided to take on the entire legal system!! A little libel here, a little slander there, hire Graves Bartle & Marcus, its all good.

Stephen Bough said...

I do not think Jeff Roe is bound by the Missouri Supreme Court rules. I believe he knows he is violating the rules and is protecting the VERY RELIABLE SOURCE. Since Roe won't name that source that leaked him the information, I would bet it is a lawyer.

Chicago Billy said...

"Jeff Roe works at or rents from the law firm of Lathrop & Gage. They share the address of 2345 Grand. Jeff Roe has an internal phone number with Lathrop & Gage. Roe’s role there is unclear, but he has use of the L & G postage meter. On Congressman Sam Graves’ financial disclosure, he reimburses L & G for phone charges. Sam Graves for Congress is headquartered at L & G and has the same address. The treasurer for Graves is a L & G lawyer."

Of course the L&G political/lawyer team was reduced in strength considerably when Diana Kander - wife of young political star Jason Kander - left the firm, to work with Doug Gamble and manage his city council campaign.

mainstream said...

Chicago guy, what do the Kanders have to do with this thread and Jeff Roe?

Perhaps you're implying that with a Kander departure there was extra space L&G could sublet to a very short term tenant?

But I may be, AS USUAL, overthinking the situation. And mis-interpreting your comments as rational when in fact you have Turett's Keyboard Syndrome (TKS), which would explain the appearance of "rising political star" and "kander" in the same sentence.

PorchPundit said...

Mainstream, I think you are right that this is off topic here but it does raise an interesting issue with regard to a question that was asked over there. Meet me back at the Coffman in the 44th ( or is it Kander?) section.

Phil Cardarella said...

Roe an attack dog? Roe attempting to intimidate people in or seeking public office? Say it ain't so, Roe!

Having had the interesting/nauseatinng experience of having Roe -- who I had never had the displeasure of meeting -- come up to me at the City Inaugural Ball, introduce himself & take "credit" for the federal witchhunt of my wife, nothing in this surprises me. It is not just the Rules of the Supreme Court that do not apply to Jeff and the band of merry hatchetmen who surround W and are often dispatched to the hinterland to do the dirtywork. Rules of ethics and decency also get short shrift.

But, if what is written in the above posts is true, the governing partners at L&G ought to look long and hard at a use of their firm that certainly seems to go beyond ordinary attorney-client relationship.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (the guys that are hired by insurance companies and big business) are part of the group When insurance companies get sick of Roe, he's got troubles.

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