Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Edwards Leads in Iowa

Sen. John Edwards, according to a poll by the DesMoines Register, leads the Democratic presidential pack in Iowa.

I have mixed feelings about the early primaries that decide who our candidate will be in November. Iowa does represent the Midwest, New Hampshire the East, South Carolina the South and Nevada the West. I know the caucus voters in Iowa very much want to pick a great candidate that can win. Democrats are highly motivated to put a D in the White House. I don't really care if it is Edwards, Obama or Clinton; they are all qualified and a million times better than the "current occupant."

Assume that the states Kerry won could be won by any Democrat. Assume that you really only need Ohio or Missouri or Florida AND any one Southern state (South Carolina or Arkansas or Tennessee). If you get Ohio and Arkansas - a Democrat is in the White House. Among the Democratic big 3 who is most likely to achieve the electoral college votes? I think this poll indicates that it is Sen. John Edwards.


Anonymous said...

Edwards actually has plans. Universal health care, addressing poverty. What a novel idea - actual plans and ways to fund the plans.

Phil Cardarella said...

Not just plans. A level of passion that we have not seen since Bobby Kennedy.

Don't get me wrong. Hillary would be a good President. But when I hear Edwards it takes me back to the Downtown airport in the spring of '68, when RFK came to town. Different accent -- same hair, same passion.

Disappointed and Pissed said...

Of course he may gain support around here when people who believe in him or are interested in his ideas were allowed to see him when he comes into town without paying large sums of money. This is twice you have pulled this bringing him in under a blanket and charging people to look under it. Cut out the elitism Steve, or don't expect support from those great unwashed who do a great deal of work for the Party but cannot afford to hobnob on Ward Parkway.

Stephen Bough said...

Dear disappointed,

You have some not so hidden aggression. Yes, I support democrats. Yes, Edwards has come to town twice for fundraisers. How many times has Hillary come to town for a free event? How about Obama? Any Republicans?

Sadly, that is not the political system. The Democratic and Republican primaries will be decided well before Missouri ever comes into play. If your “pissed” attitude drives you to do more than write on blogs, I would encourage you to get in a car and drive to Iowa and support your favorite Democratic candidate. I like Edwards. I believe Edwards can win in swing states. I’m organizing a trip to Iowa in the fall. Would you like to go and help support the Edward’s camp? No money, just door knocking.

The current political process is not attractive, but it is not my creation. We all want to see a D in the White House. The question is whether we all continue to do whatever work we can for our party or if we insult others. For whatever harm I have caused you, I am sorry. Throwing a fundraiser at my house and posting flattering things about Edwards was not meant to piss you off or disappoint you.

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