Sunday, July 22, 2007

How The Democrats Got Religion

I don't normally read Time magazine, but they have a great article entitled "How The Democrats Got Religion."

Democrats have figured out that social justice Catholics care about issues other than abortion. D candidates have finally figured out that Methodists, Christian Church - Disciples of Christ and even some Baptists believe that Jesus never mentioned the word "gay marriage." Main line Protestants focus on hunger, poverty and the environment as issues of faith. An op-ed piece was recently written in the Wednesday Newspaper about Country Club Christian Church conducting mission trips to South Africa and Nicaragua and developing lasting relationships; concluding that "Those who give receive best gifts of all." There is even a Democratic strategy group called Common Good, which focuses on helping Dems connect with faith communities. Heck, the only ordained minister in D.C. is our own Congressman Cleaver. In the 47th Missouri House District (Lee's Summit), Rev. Tom Haley ran against Rep. Grisamore and only lost by 190 votes. Rev. Haley would have been the only ordained minister in Jefferson City.

As a liberal, I don't want God jammed down my throat. I don't want the R's to act like God elected Matt Blunt (I heard the preacher from 2nd Baptist Church in Springfield say "God elected Matt Blunt") and I don't want the D's to start acting like Christians are just a source of new votes. The Time article quoted Howard Dean on the 700 Club as saying that Democrats "have an enormous amount in common with the Christian community." I would think so - BECAUSE I AM BOTH, you knucklehead. A political party should not hold God hostage; rather people of faith should work to achieve results focused on loving your neighbor.


Phil Cardarella said...

Here's a real test for the right-winger to determine if you are really a follower of Christ or just a political opportunist using Jesus' name to sucker the voters: For every time you have advocated public displays of the Ten Commandments have you advocated similar displays of the Beatitudes? How about can you name one? Or do you think the Sermon on the Mount was Ronald Reagan riding a horse?

Democrats don't need to find religion. The New Deal, the Fair Deal and the Great Society -- you know, feeding the hungry, etc -- were far truer to the damands of Christ that tax cuts for those who already are going to need a lot of help passing through that needle's eye.

As for those who care more about the unborn than the born and those who think that Leviticus-unapproved living arrangements are a greater threat to marriage than divorce and poverty and who trade on religion to make themselves wealthy and powerful? Don't ask WWJD? Remember the moneychangers he scourged and the hypocrites he condemed.

See? Twelve years of (unmolested) Catholic education was not a total waste. Among other things the nuns taught me that JFK & RFK were better than RMN.

Phil Cardarella said...

And -- of course -- even RMN was way ahead of W.