Monday, July 16, 2007

Barnes Has Lots of Friends

Mayor Barnes can sure raise the money!

In only one half quarter, or just six weeks since her May 14 announcement in St. Joseph, Barnes raised $328,763.00. With minimal expenses, the Barnes campaign ended the quarter with $315,571.00 in the bank.

Compare that to the political machine of Graves/Roe. Barnes and Graves are in a dead heat in money raising race, but Congressman Sam Graves has been in DC since January 1, 2007. We know Graves has been busy passing special legislation to get him paid for his private airplane. We know Graves/Roe are ticking off Speaker of the House Rod Jetton (R) and US Senator Kit Bond (R) (who have all but endorsed Barnes). Barnes race for Congress wasn't a big secret - speculation has been around for years.

So, what is wrong with the Graves/Roe machine; one too many defeats? Stepped on one too many senior US Senators from Missouri? Senator Bond has tried mightily to show respect for Mayor Barnes and Mayor Cleaver. Jeff Roe has or is running the nastiness campaigns know to man against both of these great elected representatives. No wonder Bond is running as fast as he can from Graves/Roe.


Dan Ryan said...

That is absolutely incredible. How could Graves/Roe botch things so badly? Everybody knows that incumbents have a huuuuge advantage in fundraising, especially when they are as free from principle as Graves/Roe.

Do you think the problem is that Roe focuses so much time on his own PR? He seems to work harder at self-promotion than he does at doing his job. Remember how many more press mentions he got than Becky Nace in the last mayoral race, even though he was supposed to be working for her?

Stephen Bough said...

For Roe, any press is good press. Seriously, who would ever write something nice about a political consultant - no one. Roe feeds on negative PR. It screws his clients - look at how bad Chris Byrd got beat in his run for City Council by Russ Johnson.

the nitwit said...

Huge news for Barnes. Barnes will be much, much better in Congress than Graves is. It's time for folks to start getting on board.

craig said...

I find it interesting that when mentioning Sam Graves, you would make a point of bashing Jeff Roe. But when talking about Kay Barnes there is no mention of her attack dog, Steve Glorioso. I am sure this is an unintentional oversight, so I will gladly point it out now.

Dan said...

Craig -

When it comes to being an odious pox on the body politic, nobody holds a candle to Roe - not Glorioso, not anybody. The fact that Graves is associated with Roe is a devastating fact for his race. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see him dump Roe about 4 weeks before the election, in a desperate attempt to regain some traction. Look for a "come to Jesus" moment when Graves realizes his career is over, and so is Roe's.

Glorioso is a consultant. Roe is a campaign issue. There's a big difference.

craig said...

"Glorioso is a consultant. Roe is a campaign issue. There's a big difference."
That is a naive statement. Another difference you may want to consider is this. While Roe is currently being sued, Glorioso has already lost 2 million $ plus lawsuits.
I find it hypocritical to bash Roe (I don't agree with his tactics), yet completely ignore the presence of Glorioso.

the nitwit said...

Neither Roe or Glorioso should be the issue here. Sam Graves pathetic record in Congress is the issue.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Roe has lost some slam dunk races in the recent past. It beats me why anyone would pay his attrious fees!

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