Friday, July 20, 2007

Modest Proposal for Contest

W is about to have a colonoscopy. Let's have a contest to come up with the best headline for the event. Here's a start:

"Bush To Have Colonoscopy.
Brain Damage Feared!"

"Bush Has Colonoscopy.
WMD's Finally Found!"

"Bush Under Anesthetic For Colonoscopy.
Acting President Chaney Dissolves Congress,
Invades ____________!"


Anonymous said...

Bush Has Colonoscopy. Phil Cardarella Found!

Phil Cardarella said...

Nice to know we draw at least one loyal Bushie to our blog.

Of course, as any Democrat should be,I am honored to be thought of as the pain in the presidential nether region.

Anonymous said...

Phil is honored and I am amused that he would start any title with the word "modest." I guess we're both happy.

I'm no Bushy. I'm just amazed that anybody still calls themselves a Democrat after the best your party could come up with is Al Gore and John Kerry.

You think Bush is the worst? That means that the best of your best couldn't muster a clear victory over the worst of the worst. It should have never come down to Florida but your star couldn't even win his home state. Ouch!

Phil Cardarella said...

The prospect of a President chaney has even us secular humanist liberals praying for Bush's speedy recovery.

On the other hand, a painful boil might be appropriate.

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