Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bartle for What??

One of the most anticipated financial reports due out next week is from the hero of the Religious Right, Sen. Matt Bartle of Lee's Summit.

In April of 2007 (8 days after the last reporting period), Matt switched his Missouri Ethic Commission designation from his senate seat to statewide office.

What statewide office does Matt have in mind? What does his advisor, Jeff Roe, have cooking? Jeff Roe squeezed $1,275 out of Matt Bartle for Becky Nace's failed mayorial campaign. Contact the dots on that one. Matt Bartle and the unions hate each other. The unions were backing Becky Nace. Becky Nace hired Jeff Roe. Jeff Roe worked with the unions on Backy Nace's campaign. How does that work?


mainstream said...

Thanks for keeping an eye on Bartle. Can somebody enlighten me, objectively, on his chances to win a statewide anything?

My concern is is not necessarily with Matt, but with the Catholic Church. Literally, with a fax letter from the bishop to all parishes, the Catholic Church closed the gap on the stem cell issue to within a couple points.

The Catholic Church, with one Fax letter read to congreations a couple of Sundays in a row is literally worth more than $10M in advertising.

I think the stem cell initiative may have been voted down if the Catholic Church had two more weeks to take advantage of their power.

Let's not underestimate this jerk, he unfortunately has the organized part of the Catholic Church behind him.

Stephen Bough said...

I believe that Matt Bartle can win any primary (including against Blunt and Bond).

In addition parts of the Catholic church, he has all the Southern Baptists and all the Assembly of God folks. These 3 churches feel let down by Blunt, Danforth and Kosters' support of Stem Cell.

Matt Bartle is a very smart political.

Stephen Bough said...

OK - so much for a conspiracy. I was wrong. The report filed yesterday with the MEC showed nothing. Bartle raised $1,950 from mainstream PAC's, gave $2,000 away to Republicans. Nothing to report.