Friday, August 1, 2008

The Women Who Know Chris Koster Best

(Admin's note - this came in the email from someone named Greg Liebovitch. Normally, we only post things from CCP members, but this is a pretty good compilation of some of the issues faced by one of the candidates in the Democratic primary for AG.)

Usually a candidate’s family, friends, and staff are their most ardent supporters, volunteering time and resources to help win the election. But the opposite seems true for Chris Koster. In recent weeks, it’s become apparent that the women who know Chris Koster best, both personally and professionally, are not only not supporting his bid for Attorney General, but they are questioning his motivations, ethics, and ability to both follow and apply the law. In fact, they are so certain that Koster cannot be trusted to serve as Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer, that they are putting their own credibility – and finances – on the line to make sure voters know the truth.

1) Koster’s former campaign manager, Susan McNay, was so distraught over Koster’s money laundering and potentially illegal activities that she resigned from her position and detailed the activities to officials.

McNay said, "I trusted the candidate, even though I had questions about whether we were doing something that was not right," McNay said. "He assured me everything was fine, and now I have concerns that we broke the law." (Associated Press, July 7, 2008)

2) Sharing those concerns is Rebecca Bowman Nassikas, who was married to Koster from 1996 to 2003. Last week she donated nearly $200,000 to a political committee that created a Web site and television ads that raise concerns over Koster’s potentially illegal campaign fundraising methods – methods that have been the focus of ethics complaints filed by both Republicans and Democrats.

“I hope this gets people to look into (the allegations),” Nassikas said. “They might still decide to vote for Chris. But this will be a way to make it more fair.” (Kansas City Stat, July 31, 2008)

3) Shellie Rebman, who served as Assistant Cass County Prosecutor from 1995-1997 under Koster, is speaking out about his management of the office and inability to apply the law fairly.

Rebman said, “… Chris Koster was rarely in the office…and when he was in the office, he spent his time discussing his political career…the only criminal charges that Chris Koster became involved in were those that could have a political impact on his political ambitions. During discussions concerning charging decisions in high-profile criminal cases, I never heard the words ‘justice’ or ‘victim impact’ come from Chris Koster, rather he was concerned with potential backlash and how his decision would impact his political career. I truly believe that his only interest while serving as the Cass County Prosecutor was how the position could further his personal political career. In fact, this is why I finally left a job that I truly loved, the frustration of working for a Prosecutor who was not interested in justice or doing the right thing was just too frustrating for me.”


les said...

Is Beth Low's Seat in Danger?

CCP Admin said...

This post has been removed by the author.

8/01/2008 7:15 PM

CCP Admin playing games? Dan Ryan posting as CCP Admin?

7:15 entry deleted by author at Gone Mild. 7:16 post at CCP Blog.

Dan Ryan said...

Sorry to have confused you, MB. I did a little volunteer work over here as CCP Admin yesterday evening, and then posted a comment on my own blog without switching accounts. I didn't want anybody to think that my comments on my blog were from the CCP, so I immediately deleted the misidentified comment.

Anonymous said...

Nice article in the Post Dispatch today which really under cuts the lies which are being blasted around in the recent attacks on Koster. In response to the ads the Post Dispatch reports today:

“Koster is the target of an ad blitz that is to begin today….by a campaign committee called Missourians for Honest Leadership”….”the ads appear to misrepresent the context of coverage that appeared in the Post-Dispatch”….”The ad prototype circulating on the Internet misrepresents some campaign coverage in the Post-Dispatch by implying that the paper had accused Koster of wrongdoing. It had not.”

If you see the ad on TV, notice it is completely filled with accusations but ironically no facts, zero.

The ad is focused on accusations which The Fort Mills Times reports “were brought by supporters of Koster’s three main political rivals for attorney general - Democrats Jeff Harris and Margaret Donnelly and Republican Mike Gibbons.” Hmmm… wonder if those accusations could be politically motivated (sarcasm for those who are wondering).

The ad is filled with salacious language which is design to prejudice but always preceeded by language like “accused”, “potentially”, and “possibly”. Guess what, if you proceed a statement with “accused”, “potentially” or “possibly”, you can not consider whatever follows those words as “fact”.

Everything in these ad have been put out by Harris and Donnelly so to smear Koster. It is exactly the ugly attacks which makes people hate politicians.

I will never endorse these techniques, or the candidates that use them. I am voting for Chris Koster.

Anonymous said...

Susan McNay didn't resign. She quit because she is incompetent. In 2004, she was sent down to Springfield to "work" for Claire's campaign for Governor. She would eat, then take a nap in her office, come out and yell at staff. She would continue this trend everyday.

One local democrat summed it up nicely. She's a fat pig!!

Reform not Rigor Mortis said...

The CCP slate took a spankin' with it's undies down in the park again. Luckily it was less humiliating because no one could read the yard sign which announced the event so there was not much of a crowd.

It might be time to review and change the candidate screening and endorsement process. In addition, the club should really hire/retain a political director with knowledge of modern campaigns.

Our group has just become too comfortable and complacent. How many people actually lifted a finger on behalf of the CCP slate?

Check-writing does not count.

Anonymous said...

You should take this post down. It only helps Mike Gibbons. Like it or not, Koster will be the next AG.

Dan said...

Haven't you learned anything from the Republicans? It's not the crime, it's the cover-up. There is nothing in this post that the Republicans don't have already.

Anonymous said...

Yes. But why continue to perpetuate negativity against our party's nominee? The Republican's don't need help.

Anonymous said...

That's right, anonymous! Try to alter history and act like we approved of Koster throughout the whole race! That will fool them! They'll never realize that we said bad things about Koster! They'll forget entirely!

Maybe we could go back and doctor the Google cache so that this never happened at all!

(Or, in the alternative, we could retain our integrity.)

Savant said...

Blog CCP is a great site! I have really enjoyed reading the many interesting comments put forth here. I must say, the antipathy toward Mr. Koster is not unanticipated. Integrity is everything in politics. Koster may survive the recount and he may continue to buy the support of Labor and Freedom, but the reality is that many of us will NEVER be able to support him. True, it appears as though he has bought the primary, fair and square...

In reality, we must all live with ourselves. I think you can tell alot about a man's chracter from the attitude of his ex-wife. Koster really knows how to burn bridges and apparently how to treat people so that they NEVER forgive him. Those are not the qualities one looks for in an elected official, much less in an Attoerney General.

When I asked what the hell we're supposed to do now, Koster supporter and CCP member said to me: "Hold your nose and vote for him." Here's the point, I don't want to do that and I don't have to. What a dreadful mistake elements of our leadership have made. The inexperienced often make the mistake of being arrogant, only to learn too late that the price of hubris is to fall down with no chance of someone to come and pick you up.

Semper fi,


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