Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank you, Mr. President, Mr. Chairman, Whatever

Congratulations to CCP president, Steve Bough -- the new chair of the Jackson County Democratic Committee. He'll do a great job.


Dan said...

And his lovely wife is going to be running a wine shop - wow, what more could a man want?

(Congrats, Steve!)

Anonymous said...

FYI, I saw this thread on the KC Buzz BLOG. Steve has his work cut out for him unfortunately:
Bough was ALWAYS Sanders candidate.
Submitted by Felix the Cat on August 20, 2008 - 6:24pm.
I was at the party's Truman days last year when he was introducing Steve around as the next chair. Looks like he got his way.

Did Phil LeVota’s Brother Assault A Committeeman?
Submitted by StanTheMan on August 20, 2008 - 7:02pm.
This afternoon, a committeewoman who attended the Jackson County Democratic Committee meeting yesterday evening told me Steve LeVota became upset over the chairman’s selection process and physically attacked a committeeman while brothers Phil LeVota and Paul LeVota stood by and watched. The person Steve LeVota allegedly attacked is an older gentleman and I am told Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies were called. The committeewoman who told me this did not physically see the assault as she was in the process of leaving, but was told shortly after. If anyone was actually present it would be beneficial if they filled us in so we can all know what occurred. If true, we Democrats need to take corrective action so this kind of unacceptable behavior does not happen again.

Submitted by craig on August 20, 2008 - 7:08pm.
I am just dumbfounded how this disfunctional bunch of half wits have been able to keep a stranglehold on Jackson County politics for so long.
I just don't get it.

Terrible if True
Submitted by DemDo on August 20, 2008 - 7:29pm.
IF this is true, that a man physically assaulted another at the Democratic County Committee meeting, then that person should be OUT. How horrible.

Good Selection
Submitted by KC Live on August 20, 2008 - 7:42pm.
I'm not a member of the Democrat Party, but I know Steve Bough, and he is a great choice. A good man and smart man. Good job to the party!

Stan The Man Is Right
Submitted by StillShakenD on August 20, 2008 - 8:15pm.
Stan I wish you were not accurate in your description, but you are. These kind of things should not happen, but we have seen too much of it in the past few years due to one family, in my opinion. I am sorry but I need to vent.

No one who was there Tuesday night will forget the sight and sounds of physical violence breaking out in the back of the meeting after the LeVotas lost an election by acclamation. First there was cursing and then there was an attack on an older man who I know as mild mannered.

Thankfully county sheriffs were there to subdue Steve LeVota when he attacked Marty Kerr, but will there be someone there next time? I am actually nervous about attending the next meeting.

Before the next County Committee meeting I hope we all will think about what needs to be done to keep us safe. I could hardly drive home safely after Tuesday night’s meeting after violence broke out. I never want to see something like that again and I am sure I am not alone-especially among those of us who are not "kids" anymore.

I have thought about it and thought. My husband and brother tell me that I need to put it out of my mind but I can’t. I keep seeing poor Marty Kerr, who is not a physically large man, being beat up and I feel like I never want to attend another committee meeting.

I even feel too uncomfortable to raise this issue under my own name because I am afraid of what might happen to me after what I saw Tuesday night.

I have told my family that I might have to resign my committeewoman’s seat if something of substance is not done to keep our meetings safe. It is a terrible thing to reach my age and feel uncomfortable attending a Democratic function for fear of my personal safety because next time the sheriffs might be on the far side of the room and I might need help.

Will there be a next time? I for one am fully convinced that there will be. This is not the first time members of the LeVota family have turned violent at a committee meeting. Let me be right up front I supported the leadership slate that was elected on Tuesday and I would have never supported any slate which included Phil LeVota’s name. I fear the tempers that seem to run in the LeVota family.

I remember that about 4 years ago when Phil LeVota ran for chair of the committee he had a violent event. Dorothy Kennedy from Grandview refused to support him and he shoved her in a hallway, which almost knocked Dorothy down a stairwell. I talked with Dorothy and I still remember how shook up Dorothy looked. I will never forget that look on her face later after Phil LeVota abused her. Dorothy I hope you will not take offence to this, because I am no “spring chicken” myself, but what kind of man would attack a woman of Dorothy’s age? We should have done something then and I am ashamed we did not.

It would take a very violent man, if you want to use the term “man” at all. In my opinion, they have a name for that kind of attacker: ABUSER!

In my opinion the LeVota boys are all bullies and abusers. In my experience, the LeVota’s intimidate people in order to get there way. If they cannot own something the LeVotas seem bent on destroying it.

I think back on what they did after they lost a vote overwhelmingly on Tuesday night. I heard them back there cussing the committee. Then they turned on poor Marty Kerr. Like all of us Marty is not as young as he used to be. In addition I do not think it is a secret that Marty is being treated for cancer.

I will never forget seeing him TAKEN BY THE NECK and manhandled by Steve LeVota. NOR WILL I FORGET how Paul and Phil LeVota stood there and watched as their brother acted like an animal. If they did not act to stop their own brother from abusing an elderly man then they are no better than the abuser.

Paul LeVota wants Democrats to give him the honor of being Speaker of the Missouri House of Representatives, but he does not have the human decency to step in and stop his brother from beating an older man who suffers from cancer?

Why do we have to put up with this kind of behavior? Who among our membership will be the next Dorothy or the next Marty? I know that I do not want to be put in the same situation sometime in the future because I voted in some way that the LeVota’s have decided is wrong and “go postal” on me. It is also in my memory when Phil attacked Keith Thomas with racially insensitive language, so I am sure that he is predisposed to hate. I am ashamed to admit the honest fact that I do feel intimidated by their violent actions.

When I talked this over with my brother he simply told me to go to the Sheriff’s Department and file for a concealed weapon permit, but I do not think that is the answer. I want the new County Committee leaders, who I happily supported, to address this issue immediately.

At the very least I am afraid that the committee will have to hire more private security to police our meetings, which is too bad because like Chairman Bough I would rather see money like that spent on buying health insurance a loyal staff person, who works very hard for the committee.

I really do not understand why any organization has to seat members who have a history of violence. What club, organization or employer would allow someone to stay around after repeated instances of verbal abuse and physical violence? Isn’t there some set of rules or Code of Conduct that would expel those who engage in violence from the committee’s membership? This is not the first time and I am very afraid it will not be the last.

This kind of thing has to end. It is not the kind of thing that I expect to find in the Democratic Party. The violence on Tuesday night was shameful and unforgivable.

I keep thinking the same thing: I have always been proud to be a Democrat, but over the years I have become increasingly fearful to attend the meetings of the Jackson County Democratic County Committee.

Calm Down
Submitted by Salino on August 20, 2008 - 8:47pm.
It is best to take your hormone pills before you blog Georgia. Give us all a break.

Last night was disturbing to say the least
Submitted by Felix the Cat on August 20, 2008 - 9:28pm.
As a democrat that was at the meeting last night, I saw some of what was written about already. I was in the hallway, but I stepped inside when Chery Chenney ran outside to yelling for the police to get inside because of Phil Levota curssing and yelling and threatening people. We all could hear him out in the hallway threatening that he was goinhg to "kick some ass." I saw see Steve Levota choking an older man (65 or 70ish?) I had never seen before at a meeting. I also saw Paul just standing there with his arms folded accross his chest watching. After the two deputys got to the one Levota, it was either Phil or Paul that yelled at the old man that he shouldn't have been "running his mouth at them." The old man seemed like he was in some type of shock. Does anyone know if he is OK? It was a very bad situation and ruined what to then had been a great evening with everyone enjoying themselves. I was and still am dumbfounded.

Tuesday’s Democratic Committee Meeting
Submitted by LadyDem on August 20, 2008 - 9:52pm.
I am a Jackson County Committeewoman and StillShakenD’s account of what happened is accurate. I personally observed Steve LeVota physically attack an older committeeman. There is absolutely no excuse for what happened and I will recommend to Chairman Bough that Steve LeVota be banned from future meetings. I have also spoken with several other committeewomen and we agree that a zero tolerance policy with physical abusers is needed in this situation. It is incomprehensible that this happened, but it did. Equally incomprehensible is that Phil and Paul did nothing to prevent this and they should be ashamed. Especially Paul. If Paul aspires to leadership he needs to act like a leader. A leader doesn’t stand idly by while his brother physically abuses senior citizens.

Will Rogers' Party
Submitted by Porchpundit on August 20, 2008 - 10:09pm.
Well of course the Democrats are NOT united, because we are the party of the mob. Deal with it. We are about to win an historic victory that could realign politics for the next quarter century.

Bough is a great choice who worked for the job. He has a Hell of a job ahead of him and he deserves the loyal support of Jackson County Democrats.

The LeVota Gang has brought more than their share of trouble to the Party, and the perennial bouts of violence should disqualify them from holding office. The Statewide Democrats should go to school on the LeVota Family History before they bring the virus into their midst. The idea that you can take Paul without getting Steve and Phil is a fairy tale. I am not willing to say that Paul is without sin, but we know that Steve and Phil are trouble.

Phil LeVota is "affirmatively bending the truth" when he says Sanders broke his word. LeVota was emailing people on a daily basis in violation of the agreement which he says Sanders broke. (You might want to report on that Kraske, people could find it interesting.)Mike Sanders was just lame enough to follow the feint that Gary Kemp offered on behalf of LeVota and his cronies. Mike Sanders plays politics like a day-trader plays the Dow Jones, way too much risk for his own good.

That said, I think Sanders has the smarts and the discipline to improve his game and move forward.

Sanders needs to introduce himself to the plethora of neighborhoods in KC populated with leaders who can send him to Congress -- or not. His base is KC now that Shields was driven underground. He is way too progressive to make his political base Eastern Jackson County; however, since most of the 5th Congressional District is in Kansas City and Grandview Sanders should not worry. When Cleaver decides to leave office, Sanders could have "unquestionable letters of transit" to Washington D.C., if he seeks to consolidate his base in KC now AND IF he shows some patience.

Slow down Mike and you can finish first. Play smart, not fast. Do not follow Funkhouser.

More Disturbing Reports About The LeVota’s
Submitted by KCHotDog on August 20, 2008 - 10:43pm.
I wasn’t at the meeting, but I’ve had numerous telephone conversations today about “the” incident. I had three messages on my cell before I even got up today. Let me say right off, I’ve known Marty Kerr for over 20 years and he’s one of the nicest guys around. On the other hand, its common knowledge the LeVota’s frequently engage in gutter politics. But this has to be a new low, even for them.

Workin in the Wards said...

Phil, Paul and Steve, thanks for being such an aid to Democratic Unity while we try to return democracy to the United States of America. There are so many Democratic volunteers and community organizers who appreciate your never-ending efforts to make their lives more difficult.


Anonymous said...

These 3 guys make me want to puke. I never thought I would have to say this, but we all need to take a stand against violence in our party and ask them/anyone invovled in volence to resign.

Anonymous said...

Let's call it what it is, the Levota's are white trash from eastern jack. Given how chummy they are with the racist Senator from Independence, maybe they and Callahan can open up a bar together or something. Just get out of our lives, and our party. The adults need to take over.

mainstream said...

I think Steve shouild make a statement, and the CCP and Democratic party should make a statemnt, regarding the LaVota incident. What happended was simply wrong, regardless of how much money LaVota has raised for area candidates.

To sit silent whilst witnessing such an event is ethically and morally wrong.

Is it ok to ignore an atrocity because the monster is an influential democrat?

Similarly, the Catholic church did that for years and is just now beginning to pay the price.

How many times have we seen people ignore terrible events, and let them happen again - Steve, you have not condemned a terrible action that happened in front of you.

You witnessed this event! (and if you didn't witness, you know damn well exactly what happened feet away from you)

I suggest you show leadership instead of political pragmatism.

Anonymous said...

Amen 9:01. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I am not in either camp of this, but I was there Tuesday night and saw it all. I have kept quiet because I thought this would die down because it only hurts our party to keep talking about it.

But the big issue is that there was no attack. Marty Kerr (who is anything but a senior citizen) was saying "F*** You" very loudly to everyone. The meeting was over and he had no reason to be standing by Phil LeVota. After a few more Kerr F-bombs, Steve LeVota told him to watch his mouth because there were women and an 18 year old close by.

Then Marty Kerr, all 65 years of him, got right up in Steve's face and said "F*** you" and pushed Steve in the chest. Steve then pushed Marty up against the wall. The sheriffs and a dozen people were right there and broke it up immediately. No fists thrown, no fighting.

Steve LeVota should have never responded to Kerr pushing him. I mean come on you are a grown up, Steve. You can walk away! But if someone lays their hands on you, you can't blame the guy for pushing back. Especially when the guy doing the first pushing and cursing is an 65 year old ass.

Plain and simple, there was no assault. The police report has included what "Marty's story" was to the officers. But when the officers relayed to Marty what all the witnesses said, Marty said he didn't want to file charges....... because he couldn't. There had been no assault. And even though LeVota was pushed first, he also didn't want to pursue it. If these two guys didn't want to follow through with it, why is anyone else?

Oh that's right, you like to post anonymous blogs to divide our party. You think you are helping your friend Sanders in trying to tear down the LeVotas but you are harming the party.

The LeVota and the Sanders clans are established political families that aren't going anywhere. Why don't we work on making them get along instead of each of their sides beating up on each other with lies and gossip?

Bough said it best..."An impolite disagreement. No arrests, no tickets, no blood, no foul."

So keep spinning this unprovoked attack on an old guy but you are just hurting the party. And another newsflash, a 65 year old guy can be just as big an ass as a 40 year old guy. But please can we move on?

Anonymous said...

From Tony's KC...Interesting.

Back in the day the newspapers provided analysis and inside gossip as to what in the hell was happening in local politics . . . Nowadays the dead tree media mostly serve as gatekeepers or as a quasi farm team for PR companies.

Anyhoo . . . ONE OF THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE, INTELLIGENT AND WELL CONNECTED TKC TIPSTERS in this town recently offered an explanation as to the recent Jackson County Democrat brawl.

And it makes a lot of sense.

See . . . I was content to think that the LeVota Bros. just go around kicking old people's asses without provocation because I'm a bit of a romantic and that kind of a behavior is reminiscent of the golden era in Kansas City politics.

Well, it turns out that there might have a damn good reason Mr. Kerr got choked out like some broad with daddy issues who rented and watched 9 and 1/2 weeks once too often via Netflix.

Here's the long and short of it (nhjic):

Marty Kerr is Treasurer for a political group called "Integrity in Law Enforcement."

This group funded attack ads against Phil LeVota in his recent run in a Lee's Summit Municipal Judge Race. Don't believe me? Check out a Missouri Ethics report that lists Kerr as an officer of the group and their list of payments


So, in this instance, the kindly old man routine wouldn't be completely justified. Of course, I don't stand for handing out beatings to old people but I do realize that sometimes there is no other option than to put your shoe on someone who pulled a double cross.


Also, there is talk of booting Phil LeVota from a few high profile Democrat gigs and I'm certainly not going to defend him (unless he pays me) but the same treatment might also be warranted for the turncoat old man who almost won sympathy from TKC.

I should have known never to believe anything at face value in political circles.

However, I'm glad TKC TIPSTERS helped to uncover the facts regarding this controversy before the mainstream media. Natch.

Again, I'm not condoning elder abuse but an explanation of the circumstances does demonstrate the logic behind the attack . . . Of course I would never beat an old person but if I did I'm sure my excuse wouldn't be as good as the LeVota Bros. and would most likely involve reparations and/or my dislike of soup, daytime TV and other things old people enjoy.

TKC Journalism Lesson #4,892: Sometimes objective reporting means justifying choking some old dude!!

Anonymous said...

This is disinformation from the La Vota people.

The simple fact remains a LaVota used violence in a meeting in the Jackson County courthouse.

Put all the spin you want on it LaVotas.

Anonymous said...

White trash is as white trash does.

Anonymous said...

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