Friday, August 1, 2008

Submitted by Councilperson Beth Gottstein

Aug 1

Four days out. The Friday before election day is always a crucial time. It is the last full business day to collect checks, finalize GOTV details, and sadly, launch the negative. I have always approached this time with both relief and dread. Relief as I know that the campaign stress is almost behind me. Dread because I know that the ugly seems inevitable. Having worked with candidates, ballots and as a candidate, I know, firsthand, you become sleep deprived, stressed, impulsive and vulnerable. I have watched good candidates go down and bad candidates prevail because of negative attacks. Some of this week’s messages remind me of times when our Party should have won, but we defeated ourselves. Dissident personalities and factions put their agenda ahead of the Party’s interest, often cloaked in anonymity or shell clubs. Not only did we lose elections, but we lost ground on our war on poverty and inequality.

There is a great deal at stake for Democrats in this election year. We can take back the statehouse. We can take back the Governor’s mansion. We may even take back the White House. However, please don’t lose sight of why we are in the game. This election is not about winning, it is about justice.

As Democrats, our guiding principle is to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We must not lose sight of why it is so important to win. We must succeed to assist nearly 100,000 Missourians who lost their healthcare in the last administration and raise their quality of life; end a senseless war that has both killed and permanently destroyed the lives of our children and families; create meaningful workforce opportunities so that all can live comfortably and without fear; and save our environment so that our children’s children and their children’s children can breathe and drink clean. To both repair the damage of this past decade and build our future, Democrats must place the party ticket above petty agendas.

After the negative was launched against me, and let’s face it, my campaign for City Council was a tough one, I knew I had to put behind me any bitterness I had for my critics, opponents and their supporters. I could not effectively serve Kansas Citians without a fresh start. I haven’t been perfect but I have tried. (I am lucky as my opponents committed to working with me after our race.) Without vendettas on my agenda, it has been much easier to pick priorities and make decisions.

Knowing that we can be our own worst enemy and the difficulties to overcome post-election bitterness, I ask my fellow Democrats to take the high road in these waning campaign hours. Negative attacks can have many unintended consequences. They can:

• Alienate potential voters in the general cycle who we so desperately must recruit;
• Render it impossible for the failing camp to support a primary campaign’s victor;
• Arm the Republicans with ideas and info that they can turn on us in
the general; and
• Boomerang and impact the mudslinger.

Remember that people are listening closely to you, regardless of how small or large your role is in a primary race. Your voice is louder than you think, so it is all the more important to think about how your actions and words reach voters.

This is an exciting time. Even greater days lie ahead for us. And, as a Democrat, remember that Wednesday morning begins a whole new contest. It is essential that we keep our campaigns clean, no matter how close the race. Your best route to a Tuesday victory (and a clear conscience) as a campaigner or supporter is to forget the names or campaign efforts of your opponent and focus on your message. Remember the grander stakes we fact and use your powerful voice wisely.


Anonymous said...

"I have watched good candidates go down and bad candidates prevail because of negative attacks."

So have I Beth. Look in the mirror and shout "Doug Gamble took TIF!" Sound familiar? Now we're stuck with a councilperson (you) who is prone to shouting obscenities and other various examples of inappropriate behavior.

You may have the sycophants at the CCP fooled, but the rest of us know what a hypocrite and complete failure you are as a leader.

Anonymous said...

Beth is not like that.

Anonymous said...

"After the negative was launched against me, and let’s face it, my campaign for City Council was a tough one, I knew I had to put behind me any bitterness I had for my critics, opponents and their supporters."

Poor Beth. Always the victim, never the leader. If you've put it behind you why do bring it up every time you write one of these ridiculous memos?

Oh, and anon 7:47PM, yes Beth is exactly like that.

Anonymous said...

No she is not.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:53AM,

Hmmm. Who else do I know that stays up to all hours of the night on the internet?

Where are all your defenders Beth? They're not here because everything written in these comments is accurate.

Who among the CCP has not witnessed one of your vulgar meltdowns? What about the Gamble campaign worker that you stopped your car to verbally (and profanely) dress down?

It's all coming out soon enough Beth. Just not right now. Wait until 2011 draws near.

Anonymous said...

What does the time of a post have to do with anything?

Anonymous said...

It has nothing to do with anything.

Anonymous said...

Posted April 8 by Beth Gottstein:

"When I decided to run for City Council, I recognized that seeking public office opens your life for attacks. As a candidate, I focused on a debate of policies and politics. I was realistic when I entered the race. I was surprised by how quickly the contest became ugly when my critics resorted to anti-Semitism, sexism, exaggeration and absolute lies to defeat me. I remain truly grateful to my supporters who buoyed and believed in me. I have moved on, but many continue to speak of the brutal nature of those who took the spineless, dark road against me."

Moved on? Really Beth? How many more memos will we read hearing about how you've "moved on" before the next election?

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon at 7:54 am, I'm a Beth defender, and I'll tell you that most rational people don't buy anonymous ad hominem attacks on others.

Especially on blogs.

As a matter of fact, most registred voters who ACTUALLY VOTE don't read blogs.

Care to debate that? I am going to assert that .0001% of registered voters in Jackson County read and participate in blogs.

So, Beth is working hard in her community and neighborhoods to do the right thing, and you comment on blogs.

Who's making our community a better place, you, or her?

Let me take three nonoseconds to figure that out....wait for it, wait for it...the answer is ...



So what have you done, anon, lately or ever other than make mean comments on blogs and download porn?

Anonymous said...

These comments are mostly ridiculous. Stick to the original post.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry anon at 7:54 am, I'm a Beth defender, and I'll tell you that most rational people don't buy anonymous ad hominem attacks on others."

First of all you bought into an anonymous ad hominem attack didn't you?! LOL

I'll agree with you about the voting public not reading blogs. If they had the makeup of the council would not contain your fragile, always the victim Beth. If the voting public had seen her performance at any one of the forums, or downloaded her "somebody else wrote my answers for me" performance at the CA she would not have made it out of the primary.

Glad you're a Beth defender. She's going to need a lot of them come 2011.

Anonymous said...

Do you realize how much Beth has done for this city over the last two decades?

Anonymous said...

Why don't we close commenting on this thread and move on to a new topic.

Phil Cardarella said...

PLEASE, Anonymice, if you are CCP members, at least have the integrity to sign your comments.

If you are not CCP members at least make up a clever pen name, so we can tell that we are not just reading the ramblings of a single person suffering from a multiple personality disorder.

Anonymous said...

Why not respond to the comments rather than who may or may not have made them?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Are you going to answer Anon August 12, 2008 2:39 AM?

Anonymous said...

Guess Phil doesn't care to answer.

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Anonymous said...

What's with the voice-mail message article in PrimeBuzz?

Anonymous said...


Are you going to answer when the convention is over?

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