Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging the Convention

I have been asked to begin contributing to the CCP Blog about my experience as an Obama delegate to Denver. I am more than thrilled to share what I believe will be a high-light of my life and political activism. Already the invitations are coming in fast and furious for the many events that fill up the week. Law firms and railroads along with advocacy-based groups such as Emily's List and ONE. I will post some of the invitations such as the Planned Parenthood one to the left.

When I was first elected at the State Convention in May, the Denver Convention seemed years away. A full summer with vacations and volunteer activity, I didn't think the last week of August would ever arrive. But it is coming like a rocket ship now, and I bursting with excitement.

The Missouri delegation is staying at the Embassy Suites-Tech Center. Although it is situated eighteen miles from the action of the Pepsi Center, the light rail and frequent shuttles should keep us in business for the week. All delegates are required to attend the Delegation Breakfast each morning where we will receive our credentials for the day.

The days are filled with meetings and caucuses while the evenings will be the actual Convention itself. Michelle Obama is slated to speak on Monday while HRC has the prime-time slot on Tuesday. Wednesday has President Clinton and the VP nominee and Senator Obama accepts the nomination on Thursday from Invesco Field.

If you are interested in Convention News, please see the great blog DemConWatch and check out their calendar for the Convention. The calendar lists every single event happening in Denver for those five days. Use the Agenda view for a listing of all events.

I am also participating in the Big Tent which is a meeting place/working space for bloggers, journalists and community activists. Plus - it has free beer!

More updates as Convention Week arrives.


Clark said...

Good to hear that you'll be blogging the convention as a delegate. I look forward to your comments.

You should meet up with my Show Me Progress colleague, who will be there at the Big Tent and at the delegation breakfasts.

Josie Pelosi said...

I'm voting for Obama, but a little advice Aimee - curbing your enthusiasm just a little bit would help your credibility.

The convention is a great party, but more importantly you will be an extra in a huge Democratic commercial & media event. That is your primary function. The secondary objective is to reward your service and connections to the local democratic community. The third objective is to get energized to run & support local GOTV and fundraising efforts.

You're participating in a slightly larger version of a walmart convention. Congratulations.

Nothing important will be decided by the delegates - the president and VP nominees will already be chosen, and the platform, quite frankly, will be determined by Obama's campaign strategists without a lot of input from Nancy Pelosi et al. They'll make her feel important, but ultimately Obama will do what he needs to do to get elected, and Pelosi is a liability.

So I am interested in the goings on and your blogging, just please keep it real.

Anonymous said...

Duly noted anonymous blogger.

I will absolutely not keep my enthusiasm down - I am very excited.