Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Morning Breakfast. Go Claire!

Delegate breakfast this morning. The delegate breakfast is not limited to delegates but also alternates (like myself), honored guests (such as former Governor Bob Holden) and many family members and friends. It was a real delight to be part of a Fired Up group of Democrats.

Senator McCaskill and Rep. Lacy Clay were the speakers for this morning. As usual, Claire gave a rousing speech to unite us for our common purpose for the week. I made a conscious decision not to bring my phone or computer to this event, so I could soak up the room rather than have my eyeballs on the Internet.

Logistics were done by the always fabulous Ylonda Wheat who gave clear directions about the day's events. Much to my dismay, I have learned that an alternate does not have access to the floor unless someone does not show up. Every day at 11:15 we will have a drawing for the few (if any) floor credentials. Monday may be the best shot as some delegates have not arrived. But I do get alternate credentials which allows me some access.

Lacy Clay did talk some trash about St. Louis being the bluest part of the State - I hope Kansas City can prove him wrong on November 4th.


Susan said...

Hi! Never been a Blog Reader, but am breaking the boundery this week! Let me live vicariously through you. Have a great time. I saw that MO is in the boonies, real close to my other friends: Nebraska. If you bump into any of them, tell them I said HI!

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