Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Stem Cell Wars

The Stem Cell wars have made it through the second round with hope and good science on the winning side.

Last Friday the Court of Appeals affirmed the ballot language written by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. The anti-stem cell forces wanted misleading language on the ballot, but a Court of Appeals affirmed what we all know was going on - they were attempting to ban stem cell research. The Missouri Cures website has a great article on this issue.

Even better news came on Sunday when the anti-stem cell forces failed to get the 150,000 signatures needed to get a amendment to the constitution on the ballot, AGAIN. However, Round III has been promised. Lori Buffa, the leader of Cures Without Cloning (the anti-stem cell group with the misleading name) told the Columbia Tribune the following:
"CWC will continue our educational efforts throughout this year and resubmit our initiative in November. Hopefully, by this time next year our vast organization of trained volunteer circulators will be collecting signatures for the 2010 election cycle."

So, another win for sanity, respecting the voters wishes and Missouri not being the only state in the union to criminalize stem cell research.


Phil Cardarella said...

Remember: The real reason that Republicans are opposed to stem cell research is because they are afraid that Democrats will use the technology to grow backbones.

mainstream said...

Wow, that was an amazingly pithy rejoinder. Good job Phil, and I couldn't agree more.

craig said...

This is scary.
I agree with Phil and mainstream in the same thread.

That was funny.

BTW, I do support stem cell.

Phil Cardarella said...

Having analyzed Congress since we took control, what makes you think that was a joke?

Seriously: We have had control of Congress for 18 months. Other than rearranging the pork, what have we done to even embarrass the Repubs?

Blind Louie could see the Voter ID ruling coming from the Scalia Court. Why hasn't Congress passed a new Voter's Rights Act to insure that no person entitled to vote in a federal election is denied that right because he lacks a specific form of ID? Do we think that the Repubs actually believe that vote fraud crap? How many elderly nuns do you figure will be voting Republican?

Force the Repubs to vote against or veto a Voters' Rights Act -- in an election year. Force them to defend their misuse of Justice. Use the power of the Congress to do something helpful.

Seriously again: Having a heart in the right place is not enough. Without brains and courage there to help, the Wicked Witch wins, folks.

jackpot said...

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